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SEO 101 by Clarity: Crawlability or why my website does not appear on GoogleYour website doesn’t appear on Google? Even if you search for your brand name, there are no results? Or, maybe, the problem is that your newly created page, that you spent long hours preparing, is nowhere to be found? Feeling desperate?

First, though this is rather scary, don’t panic. The problem can probably be solved with a quick fix. However, in order to succeed, you need to understand what crawlability is.

Google My Business tips by ClarityDon’t let your competitors leave you behind! It’s time to update your Google My Business account, as new features are coming.

Google My Business (GMB) is a very important tool. It helps your customers find a suitable route to your business location on Google Maps. And it has an extremely big influence on local SEO – the ability of people finding your business in Google, when they are searching for similar products and services in your area. That is why, if you still don’t have a registered and verified Google My Business account, you need to make sure you get one now! It’s completely free and brings you big benefits.

Storytelling – a child’s play?!Do you still remember how you felt when you were just a kid and someone told you a story? It was a magical moment and most of the times it transported us to somewhere new, exciting and fantastical, taught us something and allowed us to unleash our imagination.

painttinThe bottom line is that at 77 and 75 Tim & Denise are simply too old to continue, so with due apologies and some sadness we announce the winding down and closure of QUALITY PAINTS after 24 years of trading, writes Tim Bebbington.

We’d have preferred continuity with somebody else taking over the reins, but Brexit nervousness rules!! I’m obviously missing something regarding Brexit in that whatever will be, will be and even WTO isn’t a problem in paint terms. I’m clearly in a minority of one, but there we go. So, as we can’t hold out forever, Brexit wins.

Oceanfront Business Or Redevelopment Opportunity For SaleThis piece of Algarve property gold is a unique oceanfront property estate in Western Algarve, situated just 20 metres from the beach. It consists of multiple individual apartments and townhouses, with pool area, pool bar and restaurant.

In good condition throughout this offers a great investment to continue the current holiday rental business, or as a redevelopment project to a boutique hotel or luxury apartment complex.

Please contact us at info@propertyspecialistsalgarve.com for more information. Price on application. Confidential sale - principals only. 

Property Specialists Algarve (AMI license number 12943) - www.propertyspecialistsalgarve.com

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