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Portuguese-led study shows how crabs, prawns and algae may solve global plastic crisis

INL CleanroomNew advances in ‘marine-based’ biotechnology involving algae, crabs and prawns could help tackle the global plastic crisis, according to a major EU study.

A detailed report released today by a consortium of leading European scientists shows that biodegradable biopolymers created from the sea have the potential to compete with traditional plastics - while crucially offering a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Coastal crisis looming

Coastal crisis loomingLatest estimates warn that many coastal cities, towns, villages and resorts in mainland Portugal are likely to become increasingly vulnerable to flooding or total destruction by sea levels that are rising far faster than expected.

The latest evaluation of data on rising sea levels has tripled previous estimates of vulnerability in coastal areas around the world.

Combined wind, wave and solar arrays to transform marine renewable energy market

WavEC President, António SarmentoCombined wind, wave and solar arrays will transform the marine renewable energy market driving ‘higher capacity’ and ‘seasonally consistent’ energy, a Portugal conference heard.
Delegates at the ‘Marine Renewable Energy and Offshore Aquaculture’ seminar in Lisbon, Portugal, heard about a series of advances involving deep water floating wind, wave energy, hydrogen production, offshore aquaculture and seaweed cultivation.

An oasis in the ecological desert

Rita MargalhãesA bit more than a decade ago, Rita Margalhães and Sérgio Correira started cultivating a plot of land close to Alvalade in Alentejo. In the beginning, they didn’t know anything about farming. Today, they are feeding eleven families in the area every week. “About eighty percent of the food we eat comes from the garden”, says Rita, as she is making lunch for the volunteers.

A Terra Treme” – Earthquake Awareness Exercise

A Terra Treme” – Earthquake Awareness ExerciseA TERRA TREME, an earthquake risk awareness exercise, will take place on Friday 15th November 2019 at 11.15 hrs, throughout the country.

This is a national exercise organised by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), which involves the community, for the purpose of creating awareness of the earthquake risk here in Portugal and importantly simple measures people can take, in case an earthquake strikes, which may save lives.

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