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An oasis in the ecological desert

Rita MargalhãesA bit more than a decade ago, Rita Margalhães and Sérgio Correira started cultivating a plot of land close to Alvalade in Alentejo. In the beginning, they didn’t know anything about farming. Today, they are feeding eleven families in the area every week. “About eighty percent of the food we eat comes from the garden”, says Rita, as she is making lunch for the volunteers.

A Terra Treme” – Earthquake Awareness Exercise

A Terra Treme” – Earthquake Awareness ExerciseA TERRA TREME, an earthquake risk awareness exercise, will take place on Friday 15th November 2019 at 11.15 hrs, throughout the country.

This is a national exercise organised by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), which involves the community, for the purpose of creating awareness of the earthquake risk here in Portugal and importantly simple measures people can take, in case an earthquake strikes, which may save lives.

Algarve can deliver blueprint to tackle future global crises

Algarve can deliver blueprint to tackle future global crisesThe Algarve can use its natural assets to position itself as a ‘model in sustainable development’ providing a blueprint to tackle future global crises, a conference heard.

Portugal’s southern region has the perfect environment to test solutions for major challenges ahead - including energy use, water shortages, greenhouse gas emissions, elderly care, wellbeing and the destruction of natural habitats, ecosystems and wildlife - according to experts at the 2019 Algarve Tourism Conference.

Is There A Future For Lagoa dos SalgadosThe Algarve has a special resource, namely Lagoa dos Salgados. We understand this area has no protected status and would like to know, in light of the landscaping work carried out some years ago to enhance the habitat for birds, what is projected to safeguard this area for the future.
After spending our 13th consecutive winter in the area, we, as are many others, concerned for the welfare of this valuable resource.

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