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What on earth is this ‘link in bio’ thing everyone's using on Instagram?

WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ‘LINK IN BIO’ THING EVERYONE'S USING ON INSTAGRAM?You’re calmly strolling through Instagram and, not just once or twice, you see a ‘link in bio’ reference in some posts, some even from your competitors. And you think: “what the hell is this? And, more importantly, do I have to use it too?”

Writing Apps that can Help you Avoid Procrastination 

WRITING APPS THAT CAN HELP YOU AVOID PROCRASTINATION If you're a writer and have problems starting to write, some apps can help you. It is usual for a writer to get stranded, but you can try using some apps to get motivated.

Facebook advertising 101: what is the difference between boost, Facebook Ads campaign, and page promotion?

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING 101: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOOST, FACEBOOK ADS CAMPAIGN, AND PAGE PROMOTION?The multiple Facebook advertising options still confuse quite a few business owners. Are boosts the same as Facebook ads? Are they ads at all? Where can or will they appear? Is it the same as page promotion? Which one is the right one for my business: boost or Facebook Ads campaign? These are just some of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

No-follow vs Do-follow Backlinks: Which Links to Use For SEO Promotion

No-follow linksDo-follow and no-follow are link attributes designed for search engines. These characteristics tell search engines what to do with a particular link or all links placed on a page. If a link has a do-follow tag, it is automatically indexed by search engines. This means that robots follow it and pass PageRank and anchors.

Which should I use: website, landing page or microsite?

Which should I use: website, landing page or microsite?Before proceeding with this article and getting into the characteristics of websites, landing pages and microsites, we are going to ask you to choose a goal that best suits what you want to do with your company, and to remember it later on; is that OK? Once you reach the end of the text, you'll understand why!

Is Closed Captioning Different from Subtitles?

Is Closed Captioning Different from Subtitles?Many people are getting used to subtitles and closed captions today because much visual content from various countries is available online, on video sharing sites, and on television. The captions and subtitles help people who are hearing-impaired and those that do not speak the video's original language.

Revamping the Algarve Coastal Railway

REVAMPING THE ALGARVE COASTAL RAILWAYLike most “mass transit” systems, Covid 19 has hit numbers, safety and usage very hard. This pandemic is likely to be with us for the foreseeable so this could be a good time to look at our transport systems.

Website and Content Quality – Google’s perspective

 Website and Content Quality – Google’s perYou’ve heard it a million times: if you want your website to rank on the first page of Google’s search results, you need to create quality content; your website should be user-friendly and high-quality.