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How to post in multiple languages on Instagram and Facebook

HOW TO POST IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOKDoes your target audience speak mostly English, but also Portuguese or another language? When you publish content on Facebook and Instagram, do you do it using those different languages at the same time in each post, and separating them with the respective flags or another language sign? If your answer is yes, then we have some clarity for you! Let's see how to post in multiple languages, i.e publish in two or more idioms, on Instagram and Facebook.

How not to write for a website – the copywriting mistakes that are going to cost you!

HOW NOT TO WRITE FOR A WEBSITE – THE COPYWRITING MISTAKES THAT ARE GOING TO COST YOU!To start off this discussion, it’s probably important to understand what copywriting really is, as there still seems to be some confusion between it and writing. Shirley Polykoff – one of the great advertising minds of the XX century and pioneer advertising woman – has probably said it best – “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer”.

Do wearables have the power to make politicians honest?

DO WEARABLES HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE POLITICIANS HONEST?As technological advances are finding more ways to weave themselves into our everyday lives, the appearance of wearables within the tech space is becoming more and more common. From smart watches to smart eyewear, people can now customise their tech to reflect not only their needs, but their personality.

10 beginner mistakes in WordPress that you can easily avoid

10 BEGINNER MISTAKES IN WORDPRESS THAT YOU CAN EASILY AVOIDToday we want to talk to you about mistakes in Wordpress websites. So you have a limited budget for creating your website and you are quite tech-savvy. Most likely you will decide to build your website yourself on WordPress. After all, it is a widely used platform, where most of the tasks can be done by an enthusiast DIY business owner, without writing a single line of code.

What on earth is this ‘link in bio’ thing everyone's using on Instagram?

WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ‘LINK IN BIO’ THING EVERYONE'S USING ON INSTAGRAM?You’re calmly strolling through Instagram and, not just once or twice, you see a ‘link in bio’ reference in some posts, some even from your competitors. And you think: “what the hell is this? And, more importantly, do I have to use it too?”

Writing Apps that can Help you Avoid Procrastination 

WRITING APPS THAT CAN HELP YOU AVOID PROCRASTINATION If you're a writer and have problems starting to write, some apps can help you. It is usual for a writer to get stranded, but you can try using some apps to get motivated.

Facebook advertising 101: what is the difference between boost, Facebook Ads campaign, and page promotion?

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING 101: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOOST, FACEBOOK ADS CAMPAIGN, AND PAGE PROMOTION?The multiple Facebook advertising options still confuse quite a few business owners. Are boosts the same as Facebook ads? Are they ads at all? Where can or will they appear? Is it the same as page promotion? Which one is the right one for my business: boost or Facebook Ads campaign? These are just some of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

No-follow vs Do-follow Backlinks: Which Links to Use For SEO Promotion

No-follow linksDo-follow and no-follow are link attributes designed for search engines. These characteristics tell search engines what to do with a particular link or all links placed on a page. If a link has a do-follow tag, it is automatically indexed by search engines. This means that robots follow it and pass PageRank and anchors.