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Website and Content Quality – Google’s perspective

 Website and Content Quality – Google’s perYou’ve heard it a million times: if you want your website to rank on the first page of Google’s search results, you need to create quality content; your website should be user-friendly and high-quality.

Google announces the end of BMM in keywords for Google Ads

OOGLE ANNOUNCES THE END OF BMM IN KEYWORDS FOR GOOGLE ADSBut what is the BMM in Google Ads’ keywords? BMM, or Broad Match Modifier, is the plus sign (‘+’) that we put before the keyword of broad match type. This ‘trick’ allowed us to tell Google to show our ads for all searches that contained certain words regardless of their order, or if they had more words at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the search term.

What is the difference between “Facebook Ads” and “regular Facebook”?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “FACEBOOK ADS” AND “REGULAR FACEBOOK”?Facebook allows people to have a (personal) profile and then, from it, if they want to, create a page for their business, institution, or even an artist or public figure page, if that is the case.

SEO 2021 – what changes are coming this year that we already know about and how to prepare for them

SEO 2021 – WHAT CHANGES ARE COMING THIS YEAR THAT WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR THEMGoogle never sleeps… Literally! Its robots are constantly browsing millions of web pages, and its algorithms work all the time ranking those pages, in order to give you the best answer possible to any question that might come to your mind. On top of this nonstop mode, Google is constantly updating its algorithms, which are becoming smarter and smarter, and better and better in understanding, not only written content on our websites, but also our ideas and feelings behind the questions we type into google.com.

New year, old content – delete or not delete, that is the question!

NEW YEAR, OLD CONTENT – DELETE OR NOT DELETE, THAT IS THE QUESTION!Have you ever felt extra inspired and motivated at the beginning of the year? Well, who hasn’t? Around New Year time, we all tend to make resolutions. We become very inspired, new ideas come to mind, and we feel extremely motivated (at least during the first week or two!). So filled with those warm feelings, we come back to work and start to look for ways to act on the resolutions we’ve chosen to pursue.

Better Use For Digital Tech

Better Use For Digital TechMillions of people talk about artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify above all bureaucratic tasks.

SEO checklist for preparing a new page for your website

18614Adding a new page to your website is quite exciting – you´ve put your heart and soul into that page, prepared the content, prepared the layout, and, finally, it is out there in the world. Do you think your work is done, and that now the traffic from Google will start pouring into your website and the sales will skyrocket?

The most costly and common copywriting mistakes on websites, and how to avoid them

THE MOST COSTLY AND COMMON COPYWRITING MISTAKES ON WEBSITES, AND HOW TO AVOID THEMTo start off this discussion, it’s probably important to understand what copywriting really is, as there still seems to be some confusion between it and writing. Shirley Polykoff – one of the great advertising minds of the XX century and pioneer advertising woman – has probably said it best – “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer”.