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3 SEO practices that will never become irrelevant

3 SEO PRACTICES THAT WILL NEVER BECOME IRRELEVANTGoogle algorithms are getting better and better, and this makes SEO work quite tricky – the rules are constantly changing and sometimes doing something that is good today, means you might need to get rid of it in a year or so, after some of its changes. In our previous post (“3 outdated SEO practices that you need to stop using now”), we’ve already talked about some of these examples.

Two golden tips for optimising your Google Ads

TWO GOLDEN TIPS FOR OPTIMISING YOUR GOOGLE ADSDo you have a Google Ads account but think you spend a lot of money and get little results? Today we are going to give you two golden tips for its optimisation, which we always apply to our clients' accounts and are always mentioned in our Google Ads training.

How Having a Cloud System Can Save Your Business One Day

HOW HAVING A CLOUD SYSTEM CAN SAVE YOUR BUSINESS ONE DAYThe Cloud has provided an abundance of benefits for businesses and independent traders. There are many advantages one can derive from using the Cloud, and this page will seek to tell you a few of them, as well as explaining how the Cloud can save your business from closure, save it time, and save it money.

Facebook tips by Clarity

FACEBOOK TIPS BY CLARITYI opened Facebook today and it is completely different! Nobody asked me if I wanted it and now I don't understand it. How do I get back to the “normal” Facebook?

Facebook's new design is turning people’s head upside down. Everyone’s lost in it. Do you know where the icons and options are?

SEO tips by Clarity

SEO TIPS BY CLARITYDo you have a big website with lots of pages, or an online blog? You need to make some “house-cleaning” from time to time to keep good rankings in Google! Do you know how?

Having a big website, like, for example, a blog, where you are constantly publishing content, may seem like a great idea for getting on that first page of Google´s results, as you always dreamt, right? Well, yes, and no. Yes, you need to have fresh, good quality content coming in on a regular basis – ultimately, the more pages, the more opportunities to rank. And no, having lots of pages without any order, in total chaos, can actually have the opposite effect and hurt you SEO-wise. The key here is to regularly do some “house-cleaning” on your website. Today we will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Streaming Along

Streaming Along UnpublishedBig decision while we’re all at home – what to watch today and diarise for tomorrow’s viewing. Stream sticks introduce a whole new dimension, including the very latest hits. Are regular trips to the big-screen cinema a thing of the past now that small screens are the first choice…

How to post in more than one language on Facebook, but without all versions being visible at the same time for everyone

How to post in more than one language on Facebook, but without all versions being visible at the same time for everyoneYour target audience is Portuguese, but it’s also English. Did you use several languages in the same post, dividing them through a flag or language sign? Get yourself up to speed and learn how to post in 2 or more languages without all of them appearing simultaneously in the post for those who see it.

DIY weekly SEO routine – is it possible to manage it yourself without becoming overwhelmed?

SEOThe answer is definitely yes.

Most website owners are aware that SEO is not a something that is done once and then crossed off the to-do list. It’s an ongoing project that will always be relevant as long as you have a website online.