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SEO 101: Old content on a website – delete it or not?

 SEO 101: OLD CONTENT ON A WEBSITE – DELETE IT OR NOT?A full guide on how to maintain a big website SEO-healthy and easy to manage.

Why You Need a Spa Scheduling Wellyx Software for Business?  

WHY YOU NEED A SPA SCHEDULING WELLYX SOFTWARE FOR BUSINESS?  If you want to expand your spa business and want to streamline the functions of business then spa scheduling software is the best option.

The war on digital

THE WAR ON DIGITALThere is a war being waged every day ‘right at our doorstep’. And no, we are not referring to the conflict in Ukraine following its invasion by Russian troops – an action we find unacceptable, and which, despite the fact that we are nobody and that our opinion interests no one (especially this not being a digital marketing or online issue), we condemn and despise from the very first moment.

Why is Social Media Important in Education?

WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANT IN EDUCATION?Social media is not limited to posting nice pictures or hosting social events. Over the years, social media has gained credibility as a reliable source of information. That's why most academic institutions adopt social media applications into their systems.

How to post in multiple languages on Instagram and Facebook – 2022

HOW TO POST IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK – 2022Does your target audience speak mostly English, but also Portuguese or another language? When you publish content on Facebook and Instagram, do you do it using those different languages at the same time in each post, and separating them with the respective flags or another language sign?

All you need to know about adware

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ADWAREAdware is a type of malware that displays unwanted ads on your computer, TV, or mobile device. It’s often found on free downloads and can be difficult to remove from your computer because adware doesn’t just appear in one location like traditional viruses.

What Is The Importance Of SQL When It Comes To Data

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF SQL WHEN IT COMES TO DATAData science has progressed to a point that it is applied to almost every industry that deals with information on a large scale. From predicting search results to innovation in healthcare and various other industries, there’s hardly any discipline where you won’t find the use of data science. And this is only the beginning. So if you’re done with your computer science course and are looking for job prospects, you might want to look into data science.

DIY SEO weekly routine – is it possible to manage it yourself without becoming overwhelmed?

DIY SEO WEEKLY ROUTINE – IS IT POSSIBLE TO MANAGE IT YOURSELF WITHOUT BECOMING OVERWHELMED?If your question is whether you take care of your website’s SEO, all by yourself, without having to committed to a psychiatric institution for burnout after a couple of months, the answer is definitely yes!