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Appoint A Fiscal Representative In Portugal

APPOINT A FISCAL REPRESENTATIVE IN PORTUGALThe Brexit transition has come to an end, and as from the 1st January 2021 all UK residents that hold a tax identification number in Portugal (número de contribuinte or NIF) must appoint a fiscal representative in Portugal to act on their behalf.

Arranging A Funeral In Portugal

ARRANGING A FUNERAL IN PORTUGALHow to proceed if you need to report the death of a family member or arrange the burial, cremation or the repatriation to the home country.

Matrimonial Property Regime in Portugal

MATRIMONIAL PROPERTY REGIME IN PORTUGALThe Matrimonial property regime in Portugal is enshrined in legislation. Before the wedding, the bride and groom can choose the property regime they wish to adopt for their married life.

What is an Estate Planning Lawyer and Why You Need to Hire One?

WHAT IS AN ESTATE PLANNING LAWYER AND WHY YOU NEED TO HIRE ONE?An estate planning lawyer is an attorney who is experienced in managing the legal procedures of getting financial affairs in order when someone is preparing for an event that might decapitate them or their eventual passing. This type of lawyer has had several years of mentoring, legal education, and experience in estate, property, and inheritance law.

4 Reasons Why Truck Accidents Call for Legal Assistance

4 REASONS WHY TRUCK ACCIDENTS CALL FOR LEGAL ASSISTANCEStatistics show that 99% of people will get into some sort of car accident in their lifetime. While the severity of it will greatly differ, you can expect something to happen. The worst type of accident that you can be involved in when on the road is one that involves a truck.

UK residents have until 30 June to appoint a tax representative

UK RESIDENTS HAVE UNTIL 30 JUNE TO APPOINT A TAX REPRESENTATIVEThe Brexit on December 31st, 2020 led to changes in the various legal tax situations involving UK residents in Portugal.

How to Easily Do a Background Check of Your Potential Employees

HOW TO EASILY DO A BACKGROUND CHECK OF YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYEESDoing a background check on employees before hiring them is a critical step for most companies. One bad hiring decision can lead to the failure of many small to mid-sized businesses. After all, big expenses are spent in the process of finding, interviewing, and training new candidates. Being able to screen those candidates before hiring them can reduce recruitment costs by helping you identify the new hires that are more likely to harm your operations. 

Can you register for residency permit in Portugal after Brexit?

CAN YOU REGISTER FOR RESIDENCY PERMIT IN PORTUGAL AFTER BREXIT?Can you register for a residency permit in Portugal after Brexit? Brexit is a done deal by now. But you didn´t apply for the European residency permit before the 31st December 2020. What can you do?