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Exchanging Your Driving License For A Portuguese License

EXCHANGING YOUR DRIVING LICENSE FOR A PORTUGUESE LICENSEDriving license Exchange, how and when to apply, the process, the documents needed and more.

All You Need to Know About Injunctions in Florida

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INJUNCTIONS IN FLORIDACases of domestic violence are common, and in the past few years, have been on a frightening rise. The result is often a severe effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of the victim. However, the good news is that laws are designed to protect the victims of physical or psychological abuse in different states.

Citizenship card for registered foreigners in Portugal delayed

Portugal Introduces New ID Card For Foreigners Living In PortugalIn 2018 the Portuguese government launched a new citizenship card for registered foreigners in Portugal, as part of the 'Simplex + 2018' programme. The aim was to streamline administration of all foreign citizens and reduce much of the country's bureaucracy. Instead of the current 'residency card', by the end of 2019, all foreign nationals living in Portugal were to have a valid Citizen's Card (Cartão do Cidadão).

Why You Need To Seek Help in Times of Bankruptcy

WHY YOU NEED TO SEEK HELP IN TIMES OF BANKRUPTCYPeople take loans to meet different financial needs such as debt consolidation, paying medical bills, and improving a business. These loans are usually accompanied by collateral, which can be forfeited if they cannot repay the loan. Sadly, some borrowers end up facing worse circumstances like loss of a job, overextended credits, substantial medical bills, or marriage issues, which affect their ability to pay the borrowed funds. To protect their property and get their debts discharged, most borrowers file for bankruptcy proceedings. However, bankruptcy is a stressful process that needs careful considerations. And many times, it requires the help of experts.

How to Do a Background Check on a Used Car

HOW TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON A USED CARNot everyone wants to spend too much money on a brand new car and hence turns to buy an already used car. This can be a great idea since, if you are careful and smart about it, you can find a pretty sweet deal. But that being said, if you don’t do a background check, you could find yourself in a situation where the car you bought wasn’t worth what you’ve paid at all. So, to prevent that from happening, in this article, we are going to explain how to do a thorough background check.

Portuguese citizenship via residence – Part 2

PORTUGUESE CITIZENSHIP VIA RESIDENCE – PART 2In Part 1 we discussed the requirements for application to be a Portuguese citizen.  We will now continue to analyse the requirements, which involves having sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language.

You can read Portuguese citizenship via residence - Part 1 HERE.

Portuguese citizenship via residence – Part 1

citizenshipYou are residing in Portugal and wish to know how to apply for Portuguese Citizenship. Here´s how (Part I).

As a result from the changes introduced in 2018 these are the current requirements to acquire Portuguese citizenship by naturalization by those residing in Portugal.

Brexit and the UK Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union

Brexit and the UK Withdrawal Agreement from the European UnionWhat will be the implications for the right of residence of United Kingdom citizens residing in Portugal in the midst of Brexit and the UK withdrawal agreement from the European Union?

Let’s say that we expected to find ourselves in better circumstances. These are difficult times during which we write to you. Times of pandemic that holds some in their homes and pushes others for action in a risky scenario, limiting our freedom and, mainly, the comfort of the predictability of tomorrow.