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Gale's Westminster View – May 2021

GALE'S WESTMINSTER VIEW – MAY 2021May. The `Indian mutation` of the Coronavirus hits Britain and throws the June 21st `back to normal` deadline into doubt Fish Wars break out between France and Britain in the Channel Islands and a gunboat is sent.

Gale's Westminster View – April 2021

GALE'S WESTMINSTER VIEW – APRIL 2021April, a month of two halves. Dignity, service and loyalty following the death of The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the beginning and squalid and unseemly wrangling over who said what, when and to whom and who paid for the curtains in the Prime Minister`s flat above Number Eleven Downing Street at the end.

Gale's Westminster View – March 2021

westminsterThe phoney `vaccine war `is a fig leaf designed to obscure the failure on the part of Commissioner Von Der Leyen and the EU to roll out an effective vax programme while the UK Government notches up a significant post-Cummings success in its approach to the pandemic. Less attractive is the Government`s offer of aone-per-cent pay increase as a `reward` to NHS staff for their service on the front line.

Gale`s View from Westminster - February 2021

westminsterSTOP PRESS!!! A line in the Budget statement suggests that the Government may be going to honour its pledge to grant “votes for Life” in General Elections in the next session of Parliament. We await the Queen`s Speech with interest!

N.A.B.O Got Double The Amount Of Marcelo!

N.A.B.O GOT DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF MARCELO!With 39,9 thousand Null votes, 5,081,0 Abstentions, 46,9 Blank, and 255,0 Others (nanoparties) NABO won with some 58%!

Gale`s View from Westminster - January 2021

GALE`S VIEW FROM WESTMINSTER - JANUARY 2021January. Back to School. For a day. Schools are safe? Yes, but no, but yes but no. School`s out! Except for a growing number of vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Confusion and indecision in the Department for Education leaves Teachers in despair. Parliament is recalled for the second time to approve school closures. Keir “Captain Hindsight” Starmer wants schools open…er, no…shut. 

Gale`s Westminster - December 2020 – Viewed from North Thanet

Gale`s Westminster - Viewed from North Thanet  December 2020December. Brexit deal on the cliff edge. Mayor Boris makes a dash to Brussels for a dinner with Ursula Von Der Leyen. It`s supposed to be a charm offensive not offensive and charmless.

EU Presidency Priorities

EU PRESIDENCY PRIORITIESOn assuming the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union on New Year’s Day, Portugal’s top political leaders sounded remarkably enthusiastic and positive about tackling the huge challenges facing the 27 member states over the next six months.