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Gale`s Westminster View - November 2019

Gale`s Westminster View - November 2019Apologies for both the brevity (which some may welcome) and the tardiness of these scribblings: we appear to be mildly pre-occupied with other matters.

November. Speaker Bercow finally vacates the chair of the House of Commons and Mr. Speaker Hoyle is elected to preside over the closing days of a parliament that Her Maj opened in Stately fashion only a few days earlier. The dissolution sees the departure from Westminster of political beasts of all sexes, shapes and sizes . Exiting Stage Right are those including Kenneth Clarke, The Father of the House who has served for 49 years and held some of the highest Offices of State.

New Governnment: Algarve?

New Governnment: Algarve?God gave us two ears and one mouth for us to listen twice much as we talk. Politicians seem to have half an ear and four mouths. Before elections, all candidates and parties travel around and seem to be listening, as long as the TV cameras are there.

Gale's Westminster View – October 2019

Gale's Westminster View – October 2019October. Finishing Post Hallowe`en day. “I got a horse to beat the field”. The filly` Johnson`s Deal`, out of `May`s Withdrawal` and `Barnier`s Last Offer`,  takes the first fence with a comfortable lead in spite of a vigorous use of Red Jerry`s whip but then falls at the `Die in the ditch` Unionist  water jump over the Irish Sea.

Gale's Westminster View – September 2019

Gale's Westminster View – September 2019September. Conference season. Liberals in Bournemouth, Labour in Brighton, Tories in Manchester and the Government in the dock.  The `Operation Yellowhammer` papers predict traffic chaos and post-Brexit shortages when finally prized out of The Gover`s hands. “We will secure a deal by October seventeenth”. Or will we?

Expats Meet With Secretary Of State For Exiting The EU

Expats Meet With Secretary Of State For Exiting The EUAnne Hernandez and Richard Hill, together with 5 other representatives from Facebook Group Brexpats In Spain, travelled up to the British Embassy in Madrid last Thursday, September 19th to meet with Stephen Barclay, the Secretary Of State For Exiting The EU.

Whilst this meeting applies to expats living in Spain, the information is relevant in many ways to all British Citizens in EU27.

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