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Covid-19: R(t) level drops to 0.95 and the incidence rate also falls  

COVID-19: R(T) DROPS TO 0.95 AND THE INCIDENCE ALSO FALLS  According to yesterdays' DGS epidemiological bulletin, the incidence of Covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants and the R (t), the transmissibility index, continue to fall in Portugal.

Locations of Covid Vaccination Centres in the Algarve

COVID VACCINATION CENTRES IN THE ALGARVEAll CVC's, or dedicated Covid Vaccination Centres in the Algarve are now functioning. Here is a list of the centres and their location. 

Commercial Kitchens Co-working space in the Algarve

COMMERCIAL KITCHENS CO-WORKING SPACE IN THE ALGARVEA new project, Link-a-ring, has been launched in Portimão, the first Commercial Kitchens Co-working space in the Algarve, renting foreclosed restaurants, and giving those looking to open a takeaway or delivery service the chance of going to market much faster and with low risk.

Tax Representatives For UK Nationals - deadline now June 30th 2022

TAX REPRESENTATIVES FOR UK NATIONALS - DEADLINE JUNE 30TH 2021On 31st December 2020, the transition period for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) ended. As of 1st January 2021, the appointment of a tax representative in Portugal by individual and collective taxpayers, with tax domicile in the United Kingdom, became mandatory. Non-residents need to appoint a fiscal representative in Portugal. They usually have 60 days within which to do this, but exceptionally the Portuguese government has now extended the deadline until 30 June 2022.

Castro Marim increases support for VRSA Volunteer Firefighters

Dr Photo - CASTRO MARIM INCREASES SUPPORT FOR VRSA VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERSThis year, the council attributed a support of 180,000 Euros to the Humanitarian Association of the Voluntary Firefighters of Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim, a massive 4 times the amount given 4 years ago.

Algarve reinforces promotion campaigns to attract tourists in the summer

ALGARVE REINFORCES PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS TO ATTRACT TOURISTS IN THE SUMMERTurismo do Algarve is betting on a strong promotion program, aimed at the main markets of the region, in order to attract tourists in the summer period and to encourage last minute reservations.

Lagoa Opens Support Facility for People with Dementia

LAGOA OPENS SUPPORT FACILITY FOR PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIAUnder a protocol recently signed with Alzheimer Portugal, the Câmara de Lagoa opened a new support office yesterday, for people with dementia. The office will help with the financial and logistical support of people in the municipality with dementia, with operational technicians trained by Alzheimer Portugal.

Body of missing Vilamoura hotel director found in Loulé

BODY OF MISSING VILAMOURA HOTEL DIRECTOR FOUND IN LOULÉThe body of missing 53-year-old Dinis Pires has been found in Monte Seco, in the municipality of Loulé.