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Construction of Alto Alentejo dam confirmed to start in 2023

CONSTRUCTION OF ALTO ALENTEJO DAM CONFIRMED TO START IN 2023The financing contract  for construction works of the Pisão dam, in the municipality of Crato, Portalegre, has been signed with a proposed start for the project in 2023, to enter into “full functioning” in 2026.

Covid-19: "Rapid Review" of Regulation on Youth Vaccination

COVID-19: "RAPID REVIEW" OF REGULATION ON YOUTH VACCINATIONThe President of the Medical Association, Miguel Guimarães, announced yesterday that he considers that the suggestion by the Directorate-General of Health on the vaccination of young people creates inequalities and contributes to a lack of order in the vaccination process, calling for a "rapid revision",.

First steps to Covid freedom - what has changed?

Dr Photo - FIRST STEPS TO COVID FREEDOM - WHAT HAS CHANGED?Yesterday, August 1st was the day new Covid-19 rules promise to restore some pre-pandemic habits due to Portugals transmissibility indicator R(t) being below 1 at the national level, and the incidence of the disease also declining, according to data released in the risk matrix of the latest bulletin released by the Directorate-General for Health.

Madeleine McCann: Fresh lead points to two Russians

MADELEINE MCCANN: FRESH LEAD POINTS TO TWO RUSSIANSA new three-part documentary investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is to be aired later this year on Channel 5 on UK television. It claims that prime suspect, Christian B, may have had nothing to do with the childs disappearance, and instead reportedly looks at a fresh lead involving two Russians.

New steps towards freedom confirmed to start August 1st

NEW STEPS TOWARD FREEDOM CONFIRMED TO START AUGUST 1STThe Prime Minister, António Costa, confirmed yesterday that the restrictions on commerce and restaurants will end on August 1st, maintaining the mandatory use of digital certificates or negative tests indoors on bank holidays and weekends. Covid certificates or negative test results will also continue to be necessary for air and sea travel and entry into hotels/ accommodation, and within the new regulations this rule has been extended to entry into gym classes, spas, casinos, cultural events, weddings and baptisms.

Portugal unemployment rate drops to 6.9% in June

PORTUGAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPS TO 6.9% IN JUNEData released today by Eurostat shows the unemployment rate in the Euro zone decreased slightly in June to 7.7%, and to 7.1% in the European Union (EU), compared to 8% and 7.3%, respectively, in the same period of 2020.

Deconfinement: Know What Changes and When

Dr Photo - DECONFINEMENT: KNOW WHAT CHANGES AND WHENWorking alongside the vaccination process, step by step, Portugals' restrictive measures against Covid-19, presented this Tuesday at Infarmed, will be confirmed by the Council of Ministers today, with the definite start date to be announced. So what changes will come in to place, and when?

Green bus network expands routes from Lisbon to Armação de Pêra, Portimão and Lagos

GREEN BUS NETWORK EXPANDS ROUTES FROM LISBON TO ARMAÇÃO DE PÊRA, PORTIMÃO AND LAGOSThe German company FlixBus has just expanded its domestic network in Portugal connecting Lisbon – Oriente, Armação de Pêra, Portimão and Lagos. The new route starts today, 29th of July 2021, and prices for the Lisbon tp Lagos trip start at 5.99 euros, depending on the booking date.