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Messines: One man seriously injured in tractor collision

MESSINES: ONE MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN TRACTOR COLLISIONA man was seriously injured yesterday afternoon, when his tractor collided with a van on the EN265, in Joinal, Messines.

Hundreds of Oliveira fans show him a warm welcome

HUNDREDS OF OLIVEIRA FANS SHOW HIM A WARM WELCOMEHundreds of motorcyclists came together again this Wednesday, to welcome and escort Miguel Oliveira on the short journey from the Pavilhão do Arade in Parchal, to the celebrations to mark the beginning of the Moto GP 2023, at the riverside area of ​​Portimão.

Poolside accident leaves British tourist paralysed from waist down

POOLSIDE ACCIDENT LEAVES BRITISH TOURIST PARALYSED FROM WAIST DOWNAn accident by the pool last Summer at her holiday accommodation near Faro, has left British tourist Debbie Aspinall paralysed from the waist down.

Man arrested, caught red-handed, for lighting a forest fire

MAN ARRESTED, CAUGHT RED-HANDED, FOR LIGHTING A FOREST FIREThe GNR caught and subsequently arrested a 40 year old man for lighting a forest fire close to the Guadiana River, in Alcoutim.

Another 2 tons of drugs seized off the Algarve coast

ANOTHER 2 TONS OF DRUGS SEIZED OFF THE ALGARVE COASTAs is becoming a regular occurence, two more tons of hashish and a speedboat were seized off the coast of the Algarve at dawn this morning, in a joint (excuse the pun!) operation by the Maritime and Navy Police.

UK Passport Office workers on strike from April 3rd

UK PASSPORT OFFICE WORKERS ON STRIKE FROM APRIL 3RDPassport Office workers across the UK are set to strike for five weeks from early April, which is likely to have a ‘significant impact’ on delivery times of passport applications and renewals.

METROBUS: What we know so far

'surface metro' between Loulé, Faro and OlhãoOriginally announced as a 'surface metro' between Loulé, Faro and Olhão, the proposal is actually for a Metrobus, in other words an electric bus, with its own lanes.

Validity of prescriptions for medication and examinations to be extended to 12 months

VALIDITY OF PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICATION AND EXAMINATIONS TO BE EXTENDED TO 12 MONTHSThe National Health Service (SNS) have announced that the deadline for using prescriptions and prescriptions for exams will be extended to 12 months, explaining that this is intended to reduce the 'bureaucratic tasks' of doctors.