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caymanInspectors from the anti-fraud unit of Portugal’s tax authority are to analyse the Paradise Papers information, recently published by the international consortium of journalists, but won’t be buying the detailed information held on file.

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) is fully aware of the revelations in the Paradise Papers and will be doing its own thing when investigating the names relating to Portugal.

water2The Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins, admitted today that the rationing of water at night, in some localities, is one of the measures lined up should the drought continue.

Carlos Martins said that this is the longest drought that the country has ever lived through and advocates rationing as there is not much else that can be done, apart from people helping by using less.

RiverVascaoAlgarveMPs have questioned the government and require solutions to "solve or minimise the problem of pollution in the Ribeira do Vascão," following news in the media that the water is so polluted that it has been killing farm animals.

In the request sent to the Minister of the Environment, MPs Teresa Caeiro, Patrícia Fonseca and Álvaro Castello-Branco say that complaints have been received from livestock producers about the contamination of the river water that has been killing their livestock.

fruitThe head of Portugal’s Order of Nutritionists, Alexandra Bento, said that the food scenario in Portugal "is catastrophic" and that its effects are endangering the long-term ability of the National Health Service to cope with increasing problems caused by poor nutrition.

"We have a prodigious food tradition, Mediterranean food, we have excellent health professionals", namely nutritionists, "but we have a food scenario that is catastrophic and that is jeopardising the sustainability of the National Health Service," said Alexandra Bento.

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