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Ronaldo is recruiting staff for the Cascais mansion

RONALDO IS RECRUITING STAFF FOR THE CASCAIS MANSIONCristiano Ronaldo is recruiting staff for his Cascais mansion, offering extremely generous salaries for the new employees lucky enough to be chosen.

GNR launch a campaign against domestic violence

GNR LAUNCH A CAMPAIGN AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCEToday, 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the GNR is promoting a nationwide campaign “Submissão Não É Option”,  with various actions to raise awareness in society as a whole.

Tractor crash leaves man dead on a rural path in Albufeira

TRACTOR CRASH LEAVES MAN DEAD ON A RURAL PATH IN ALBUFEIRAA man in his 70's died yesterday following an accident in his agricultural tractor on a rural track in Vale da Ursa, Albufeira.

Tavira police arrest two men for house thefts and muggings

TAVIRA POLICE ARREST 2 MEN FOR HOUSE THEFTS AND MUGGINGSThe Tavira PSP arrested two men yesterday, for thefts and robberies in homes and on public roads, having caused some of their victims to receive hospital treatment.

New Hospital Lusíadas Vilamoura, scheduled to open in the second half of 2023

NEW HOSPITAL LUSÍADAS VILAMOURA, SCHEDULED TO OPEN IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2023Lusíadas Health have invested more than 10 million euros in the new hospital in Vilamoura, scheduled to open in the second half of 2023, creating around 250 new jobs in the Algarve.

Overturned Mercedes found in Faro salt pan

OVERTURNED MERCEDES FOUND IN FARO SALT PAN - Photo by Vânia Martins published in Correio da ManhãAn overturned Mercedes car was found yesterday morning, in the salt flats next to Faro's commercial centre.

Red water in Silves: a week after contamination, water supply is still cut off

RED WATER IN SILVES: A WEEK AFTER CONTAMINATION, WATER SUPPLY IS STILL CUT OFFA week after red wine coloured water appeared in the taps, in Vale de Lousas, Silves, residents still have no mains water supply. The firefighters are helping with tankers, but until the results of the analyses arrive, the health delegate has ordered that the supply of the public network is not restored.

Cypriot company 'HokoCloud' invests in Algarve education

CYPRIOT COMPANY 'HOKOCLOUD' INVESTS IN ALGARVE EDUCATIONHokoCloud, a fintech company based in Cyprus, have signed a strategic partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve, which allows curricular internships, research training and other activities of mutual interest to both entities, as well as the awarding of a merit scholarship to the master's students of this institution.