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BullDeadIn defence of what many perceive to be indefensible, associations in Spain, France and Portugal have joined forces to promote the culture and practice of bullfighting.

The Bull Foundation of Lydia (Spain), the Observatoire National des Cultures Taurines (France) and ProToiro (Portugal) have agreed a tripartite cooperation, signed on June 18th by the presidents of the three organizations: Victorino Martin (FTL), André Viard (ONCT) and Paulo Carvalho (ProToiro).

taplogoSmoother, economical and with a new seating design and layout, the new Airbus 330-900neo aircraft is being flown by TAP pilots on a round-the-world series of test flights, before the company starts to take delivery of the first of 53 aircraft on order.

A batch of 14 aircraft, ordered in 2016 from the Toulouse-based manufacturer, is heralded by an A330-900neo which was delivered to TAP in April, after test flights in France, in March.

beachEriceiraAs international media awaits information from the Portuguese police, questions are being asked about the death of Australian, Michael Kearns and his British girlfriend, Louise Benson who plunged 30 metres to their death onto Praia dos Pescadores at the west coast town of Ericeira, 35  kilometres north-west of Lisbon.

Initial comments suggested that they had been taking a selfie and somehow fell over a low wall to their doom. But this was at 04:00 in the morning and there was light rain, hardly ideal conditions for a photo opportunity.

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