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Covid-19: 70% of Algarve population vaccinated by August

COVID-19: 70% OF ALGARVE POPULATION VACCINATED BY AUGUSTApproximately 300,000 people in the Algarve are still awaiting their vaccination, but the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve believes that it will be possible to ensure 70% of the Algarve population are vaccinated by August.

Mayor of Vila Real de Santo António arrested on suspicion of corruption

Dr Photo - MAYOR OF VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF CORRUPTIONMayor of Vila Real de Santo, Conceição Cabrita, was arrested today by the Judiciary Police, on suspicion of the crime of corruption via a real estate business in Monte Gordo.

Killer of 19 year old at Vilamoura nightclub jailed for 16 years

Dr Photo - Antonio Tavares KILLER OF 19 YEAR OLD AT VILAMOURA NIGHTCLUB JAILED FOR 16 YEARSAlmost two years after the crime, the court in Faro have sentenced the young man accused of shooting Lucas Leote, outside a nightclub in the Algarve, to 16 years in prison, for two crimes of simple homicide, one consummated and the other in the attempted form.

IRS refunds already being processed

Dr Photo - IRS REFUNDS ALREADY BEING PROCESSEDThe Tax and Customs Authority (AT) has already started to process the first IRS refunds, which should reach the taxpayers' account bymidweek, says the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs.

Covid-19: Algarve remains above average for new cases registered in Portugal

COVID-19: ALGARVE REMAINS ABOVE AVERAGE FOR NEW CASES REGISTERED IN PORTUGALYesterday, Portugal registered more than 602 cases of infection with the new coronavirus and nine deaths attributed to Covid-19, together with a slight increase in hospitalisations, including in intensive care.

New health services building project in Loulé awarded more than 4.6 million euros

Dr Photo - NEW HEALTH SERVICES BUILDING IN LOULÉ AWARDED FOR MORE THAN 4.6 MILLION EUROSThe construction projectof the new health services building in Loulé has been awarded more than 4.6 million euros, with an execution time of approximately two and a half years.

Renovations begin on the old auction house in Portimão

Dr Photo - RENOVATIONS BEGIN ON THE OLD AUCTION HOUSE IN PORTIMÃOEarlier this week, renovations began on the auction house building in Portimão, with a municipal investment of 960,000 euros and is due to be completed within 6 months.

Portugal tourism in 2021 - what’s what?

PORTUGAL TOURISM IN 2021 - WHAT’S WHAT?There are still many complications, much confusion and lots of uncertainty, but here’s the nitty-gritty of what’s known about the prospects for tourism from abroad. Foreign holidaymakers are expected to start arriving in Portugal in significant numbers in May and June.