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Lufthansa and United airlines revealed to be eyeing a stake in TAP Air Portugal after government conflict

tap conflictTAP Air Portugal could soon have new owners. This comes as serial commercial airline founder and entrepreneur David Neeleman is reportedly looking to sell his consortium’s 45% share of the airline, and two buyers are already lined up to take it. The US’ United Airlines in partnership with German powerhouse Lufthansa have allegedly already begun negotiations for the stake; what could this mean for TAP’s future?

Faro set to welcome revamped touristic road-train with more attractive route and cheaper tickets

tourist trainFaro Council has renewed the tourist train operator’s contract for another four years and introduced new features for the road bound Faro Tourist Train. There will be new stopping points, and the tickets will allow you to get out and explore the city at different locations. The idea is that tourists can explore the region’s capital with greater ease. This revamped small-scale public transport system of touristic interest will reopen in early April.

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