Algarve: GNR record 230 road accidents in the last week alone

ALGARVE: GNR RECORD 230 ROAD ACCIDENTS IN THE LAST WEEK ALONEThe GNR have released a statement, announcing that a whopping 230 road accidents were recorded in the Algarve last week, between July 15th and July 21st.

Mystifying theft of cycle path dividers

MYSTIFYING THEFT OF CYCLE PATH DIVIDERSAs the project to complete a cycle path between the town of Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente comes in to its final phase, workers were surprised to discover the theft of the pathside dividers.

New troubles loom for Portugal

NEW TROUBLES LOOM FOR PORTUGALPortugal and other EU countries are now quietly but increasingly concerned about the prospect of Donald Trump returning as president of the United States, and “tearing Europe apart.”

Car crashes into entrance of Forum Algarve shopping centre

CAR CRASHES INTO ENTRANCE OF FORUM ALGARVE SHOPPING CENTRE - Photo by CMA car crashed into the glass doors of the Forum Algarve Shopping Centre, in the underground car park, yesterday morning.

Obtain your Finance, Social Security and Health user numbers all in one place

 Obtain your Finance, Social Security and Health user numbers all in one place.Foreign citizens will now have a single place they can visit to obtain tax, social security and health system user numbers.

Roadside AED equipment saves 27 year old from death

ROADSIDE AED EQUIPMENT SAVES 27 YEAR OLD FROM DEATHA 27 year old Irish man on holiday in Albufeira, who fell ill in the early hours of Monday morning, was immediately assisted by friends using the nearby Automatic External Defibrillation.

Lagoa: Young Canadian man rescued after jumping from cliff into water

LAGOA: YOUNG CANADIAN MAN RESCUED AFTER JUMPING FROM CLIFF INTO WATERA 15 year old Canadian man was rescued on Monday afternoon, after jumping from a cliff into the water, at Carvalho beach, in Lagoa.

Lagos: Two arrested for selling cocaine and heroin

LAGOS: TWO ARRESTED FOR SELLING COCAINE AND HEROINYesterday, the Public Security Police (PSP) of Portimão arrested two men, aged 58 and 35, for drug trafficking in Lagos and surrounding areas.