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Nine municipalities in the Algarve at very high risk of fire

NINE MUNICIPALITIES IN THE ALGARVE AT VERY HIGH RISK OF FIREUnusually early in the year, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), 9 municipalities in the Algarve are at a 'very high risk' of rural fire today.

Lagoa: 19 year old German girl rescued from isolated beach

LAGOA: 19 YEAR OLD GERMAN GIRL RESCUED FROM ISOLATED BEACHThe crew of the Ferragudo Lifeguard Station rescued a 19 year old German girl yesterday, after she suffered a dislocated leg while disembarking onto an inaccessible beach, from a kayak.

Vilamoura: 60,000m2 of solar panels will supply electricity to 15,000 families by 2035

VILAMOURA: 60,000M2 OF SOLAR PANELS WILL SUPPLY ELECTRICITY TO 15,000 FAMILIES BY 2035Vilamoura World, have decided to create a Renewable Energy Community (CER) with 60,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels, which will supply electricity to 15,000 families, reducing carbon emissions per year by around 10,000 tons.

EasyJet reopens Faro base, offering 2 new routes this year

EASYJET REOPENS FARO BASE, OFFERING 2 NEW ROUTES THIS YEAREasyjet has reopened its seasonal base in the Algarve for 2023, in operation until the end of October and providing 21 routes this summer.

MotoGP crash in Portimão causes Oliveira to leave the race

Photo by Reuters - Portuguese MotoGP rider Miguel Oliveira was knocked off his bikePortuguese MotoGP rider Miguel Oliveira was dramatically knocked off his bike shortly after the start of the main race in Portimão, yesterday.

Police launch "Spring Break 2023" operation from tomorrow

POLICE LAUNCH "SPRING BREAK 2023" OPERATION FROM TOMORROWFrom tomorrow, Tuesday, the GNR will carry out an operation aimed at the school community, including inspections at land borders, to raise awareness to risky behaviour, and consumption of drugs and alcohol in the Spring Break.

Messines: One man seriously injured in tractor collision

MESSINES: ONE MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN TRACTOR COLLISIONA man was seriously injured yesterday afternoon, when his tractor collided with a van on the EN265, in Joinal, Messines.

Hundreds of Oliveira fans show him a warm welcome

HUNDREDS OF OLIVEIRA FANS SHOW HIM A WARM WELCOMEHundreds of motorcyclists came together again this Wednesday, to welcome and escort Miguel Oliveira on the short journey from the Pavilhão do Arade in Parchal, to the celebrations to mark the beginning of the Moto GP 2023, at the riverside area of ​​Portimão.