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Faro Beach Campsite has already set up new regulations to prevent future clingy campers

campsite delaysOn November 25th, to the satisfaction of many, Faro Beach Campsite returned to the hands of Faro City Council. After the officials regained ownership of the site from the campers who had previously inhabited it, and refused to leave for a number of months, the municipality has already approved new park regulations. The site is expected to be renovated and opened for the summer next year.

Eight young Moroccan migrants land on Monte Gordo beach “cold and hungry”

moroccan migrantsThis Wednesday morning eight young men arrived on a boat at Monte Gordo beach in the Algarve, according to Maritime Police. Commander Fernando Pereira da Fonseca revealed that all of the eight migrants are between 16 and 20 years old, and claim that they are Moroccan. They were initially taken to the local Maritime Police command Vila Real de Santo António, where they were “fed and treated because they were cold and hungry”. Later, they left the captaincy of the port of Vila Real de Santo António and are now in the custody of the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

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