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Algarve entrepreneurs are 'pioneers in the production of medical swabs' in the fight against COVID-19 in Portugal

12production entrepeneursDaniel Varela and Joana Pedroso are two young Algarvians who, when they realized they could help fight COVID-19, did not turn their heads from the fight. With a prototyping company, set up about six months ago, in Loulé, they decided to make their services available to the community. And so they started a “pioneering work, until now, in Portugal”: the production of swabs.

Mathematician suspects exponential growth peak was surpassed on 3rd of April, as 471 COVID-19 deaths estimated in Portugal by August

12mathematician growthIn view of the official figures released today by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), which indicate 345 deaths from COVID-19 so far in Portugal, the projections of researchers from the Institute for Health Evaluation and Metrics (IHME), at the University of Washington, point to another 126 deaths over the next three months.

Health secretary reveals Portugal carried out 110,000 COVID-19 tests in March

11health testingPortugal has carried out 110,000 diagnostic tests for COVID-19 since March 1st, the Secretary of State for Health announced today. “In this collective decisive phase in the fight against the virus, it is important to note that Portugal continues to increase the number of tests carried out. Since March 1st, 110 thousand diagnostic tests have been carried out”, said António Sales at the daily press update conference.

Portugal’s coastal history of Neanderthals supping on seafood, researchers unveil fisher-hunter-gatherer lifestyle

11coastal historyIn a mountain range in Setúbal, in a cave high above the modern coastline, a remnant of the ancient seashore can be found. The cramped, low-ceilinged grotto, which lies on a peninsula about 20 miles south of Lisbon, holds a diverse and decadent marine menu enjoyed by ancient humans—and further proof that Neanderthals weren’t the knuckle-dragging dimwits many have long imagined.

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