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Election News: Polls point to a technical tie

ELECTION NEWS: POLLS POINT TO A TECHNICAL TIECurrently, the SIC and RTP polls both point to a technical tie between PS and PSD, with a slight advantage for the Socialists. Third place is disputed between IL and Chega (6%).

European countries begin to lift restrictions - will Portugal follow?

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES BEGIN TO LIFT RESTRICTIONS - WILL PORTUGAL FOLLOW?Several European countries have lifted, or are soon lifting restrictions against Covid-1, spurred on by the “less harmful” Ómicron variant and the success of vaccination.

Man dies after waiting 6 hours for ambulance

MAN DIES AFTER WAITING 6 HOURS FOR AMBULANCEA 60-year-old man died after waiting 6 hours for an ambulance at the 24hr Emergency Centre of Vila Real de Santo António.

New Citizen Service Center For Lagos

NEW CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER FOR LAGOSAs of today, January 27th, it will be easier to contact the Municipality of Lagos to deal with your matters, with a new personalised telephone answering service.

COVID-19: New Self Management Platform

COVID-19: NEW SELF MANAGEMENT PLATFORMIn partnership with the DGS,  Portuguese healthcare training and analysis software company UpHill have created an online platform “COVID-19: what now?”, to bring accurate information in Portuguese and English to everyone on what to do in the event of symptoms, a positive test or contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Reports of Cybercrime doubled in 2021

REPORTS OF CYBERCRIME DOUBLED IN 2021Reports of cybercrimes in Portugal doubled last year, reaching 1160 - more than double the previous year, according to figures released by the Cybercrime Office of the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

Covid-19: UK travel restrictions removed from Feb 11th

COVID-19: UK TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS REMOVED FROM FEB 11THTransport Secretary Grant Shapps announced yesterday that from 4am on February 11th, the UK will open for travel, with all restrictions removed for eligible vaccinated arrivals.

Payment deadline for motorway tolls extended to 15 days

PAYMENT DEADLINE FOR MOTORWAY TOLLS EXTENDED TO 15 DAYSThe Government has extended the post-payment period for electronic tolls from the current 5 to 15 working days, in order to facilitate “the timely realisation of payments by users.”