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OilReferendumSMALLThe Algarve will enter 'a state of war' with the government if the State insists on continuing to aid Galp-ENI in its plan to sink a test well off Aljezur and fails to scrap all current oil and gas exploration concessions and licences. 
An explosive meeting today saw the region’s mayors, joined by the mayor of Odemira in the lower Alentejo, join forces with the Algarve’s ‘Big Five’ business associations, leaders from environmental associations and pressure groups, and several personalities, to call a halt to the government’s strategy to assist oil companies with their exploration and drilling contracts.

worldPortugal's 2017 'corruption in the public sector' score is 63, rising just one point in a year, a small change which Transparency International says is not statistically significant.
The country continues to stagnate in the fight against corruption, according to Portugal’s Association for Transparency and Integrity (TIAC), which points out that little has changed in the past six years as the points score has been a stubborn 62 or 63.

eurozoneWith debts of €137.4 million, the Portuguese entrepreneur who made a fortune in the pharmaceutical industry and was a shareholder of the now bankrupt BPN and BPP, is to surrender his not inconsiderable assets to his creditors.
Joaquim Coimbra's 32 creditors have nine days in which to confirm they accept his proposal, under a Special Agreement for Payment Agreement (PEAP) that has been submitted jointly by the businessman and his wife.

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