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Algarve 'Residential Tourism' & Sustainability Conference - Nov 23rdTen years after the start of the global financial crisis and now aorund three years into the recovery and expansion phase of the market, the Algarve 'Residential Tourism' & Sustainability Conference will address strategic aspects of the residential tourism segment within the context of the Algarve tourism economy in developing a sustainable strategy for the destination and the market's inherent economic cycle.

Date: Friday 23 November 2018  Venue: Anantara Vilamoura Resort Hotel

gavelMost of the Algarve’s courts were without judges today because of strike action. At least five of the region’s courts had no judges at all.

In Portimão, Lagos, Albufeira, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António courts, the strike action was supported 100%, with a regional figure of over 90% as most downed gavels in protest at the government's sloth in agreeing lucrative changes.

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