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Sharing Gardening Tips Specifically For This Autumn

SHARING GARDENING TIPS SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS AUTUMNAs autumn's vibrant foliage blankets the landscape, gardeners are presented with unique opportunities and challenges, particularly when cultivating autoflowering seeds. This season brings its own rhythm and requirements for these remarkable plants.

October in the garden

LilyThis month, like March, is a pivotal month for refocusing, this time on winter. The more effort extended now should equal less work later. The idea of autumn planting is to beat the major winter rains so that roots establish over winter while benefiting from soil still warm.

Now is also the time to clear out all the old summer annuals and vegetables, tidy up perennials, and to prune, transplant, divide and mulch.

Japanese Maple: A Handy Guide to Growing and Caring for Acer Palmatum

JAPANESE MAPLE: A HANDY GUIDE TO GROWING AND CARING FOR ACER PALMATUMOriginating from Japan, Korea, and China, the Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is a deciduous tree that grows slowly, boasting vibrant shades of green, yellow, and burgundy leaves. This makes it a superb choice for container cultivation and small gardens.

DIY Landscaping: How to Create a Beautiful Garden on a Small Space

DIY LANDSCAPING: HOW TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN ON A SMALL SPACECreating a beautiful garden is a dream for many homeowners, but limited space can often pose a challenge. However, with a little creativity and strategic planning, even the smallest outdoor areas can be transformed into stunning and inviting gardens.

July in the garden


July is another good month for enjoying the garden rather than for planting owing to the heat. The most important task now through to September is ensuring plants have sufficient water. Except for several native plants and well-established drought-resistant plants, all plants need regular watering.

June in the garden


June is the ideal month to simply enjoy your garden as most of the spring planting should have already been done but the hottest days yet to arrive. 

How to Measure pH in Soil: Unlocking Soil Secret

 How to Measure pH in Soil: Unlocking Soil Secret . @freepik from FreepikThe pH of the soil is its level of acidity or alkalinity. Measuring the pH level matters, especially if you plan to plant on the soil. Some plants thrive in an acidic environment, while some prefer a more alkaline condition.

May in the garden

May in the garden

May is the time to finalise all the spring planting, as the increased heat boosts all plants to really take off. 

From now until November one key to success is to water deeply but appropriately for each plant.