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February in the garden

February in the garden After all the work required in January, it is nice to realise that February is more a time of waiting and patience. Some pruning can be done now, but wait for warmer weather before cutting back any frost-damaged branches.  

January in the garden

January in the gardenThe main tasks in the garden – pruning deciduous trees, pruning roses, bare-root planting – are projects which should be accomplished in January and not put off to February which will be too late.

December in the garden

December in the gardenDecember is a low-key month when it comes to work in the garden, particularly if you have already completed all the autumn tasks.

November in the Garden

November in the gardenNovember is the time to finish off all the autumn projects, such as planting and clearing out. If the expected rains arrive, they will provide a bit of a natural clean-up but you should be prepared by having tidied up old beds.

Shrubs and young trees, if any are growing in the wrong places, from now through to January is the best time to relocate them.

Guide to Growing Plants Indoors

Guide to Growing Plants IndoorIndoor herb gardens are not only a convenient source of fresh herbs, but also a beautiful addition to your home’s décor. Growing herbs indoors is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of outside space or just want to brighten up your house with a little bit of greenery.

August in the garden

AUGUST IN THE GARDENAnother month to relax and enjoy your garden, although there are some projects the keen gardener can undertake.  As in July, the crucial task is providing sufficient water to plants. The neediest plants are lawns (but not Bermuda or zoysia), vegetables, some annuals and some perennial shade flowers. Many plants in containers are likely to need water daily.

Top Attractive Flowering Plants That You Can Grow At Home

TOP ATTRACTIVE FLOWERING PLANTS THAT YOU CAN GROW AT HOMEIf you're looking for some beautiful flowering plants to add to your home, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll show you some of the top attractive flowering plants you can grow at home.

July in the garden


July is another good month for enjoying the garden rather than for planting owing to the heat. The most important task now through to September is ensuring plants have sufficient water. Except for several native plants and well-established drought-resistant plants, all plants need regular watering.