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bombersovergreeceI am determined to bring to fruition a project into which I have put a huge amount of work during the past ten plus years, writes Michael Pease.

This would honour those Portuguese who rescued from the sea not far short of 2,000 people of many different nationalities during WWII. My proposal is for the placement of a Memorial in Faro and, futuristically, perhaps a replicate in The Açores, to commemorate one specific incident on November 30th, 1943, in which two local fishermen saved the lives of six American servicemen, the only survivors from the eleven-man crew of a US Liberator bomber [See attached short summary of the incident].

plasticatseaAn organisation in Portugal’s Azores is pressing ahead with a joint innovative project aimed at substantially tackling the problem of plastic waste in the archipelago.

A pilot scheme by the Brussels-based NGO ‘Waste Free Oceans’ (WFO), which started in mid-October on São Miguel, the biggest of the Azores islands, is to continue into 2019 and could lead to a much wider, open-ended programme.

HermioneA replica of the ‘Hermione’ is to moor in Portimão as part of a multi-stop journey that started in la Rochelle and ends up in Bordeaux in June. 
On the 8th to 10th of May, the public can go onboard (€3-a-ticket) and at the quayside there will be music, entertainment and exhibitions as the  area is to be turned into the 'Village Hermione LaFayette' - with stands for food, handicrafts and information.

tourismOver the last few years I have witnessed the rise in tourism to the coastline from Armação de Pêra to Portimão, writes Stafan Meigh.

Having worked in the tourism business for 25 years I can see how important this is to the local and regional economies. To have such an incredible coastline come to world attention through TV documentaries and social media is exactly what all players in this game dream of.

yachtThe Algarve's thousands of yacht owners now have a cost effective option to an expensive hull strip down and respray as a dedicated team specialising in boat and yacht vinyl wrapping now is offering its services in the Algarve.

Greg from Prestige Wrap & Customs answers the most asked question, "What is a boat vinyl wrap?" by explaining the simplicity of the system and the expertise shown by his team when applying a specialised marine grade vinyl to upgrade  a tired looking yacht or simply to change the colour.

With the leak that this boat had the skipper would have soon got tired of baling water with his bucket and his boat would have sunk!We are fast approaching the time of year when we all start to use our boats again, whilst we may have been out a few times this winter, our boats have not been used that much in recent months and we ourselves are perhaps a little out of practise. Our first priority should be safety and we should therefore ask ourselves the following questions.

Will I get the boat back safely?
Will the boat get me back safely?

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