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How can comparing electricity prices help consumers save money?

HOW CAN COMPARING ELECTRICITY PRICES HELP CONSUMERS SAVE MONEY?Not all electricity plans are created equally. The competition has become fierce when it comes to retailers trying to get your business. This is beneficial for you because you can get some decent deals to switch over. Watch for plans that go up to their set prices after a brief period. You may save money for a couple of months but be locked into a higher priced policy than before.

Finding Financing For Your Small Business: Online Vs Local Lenders

FINDING FINANCING FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: ONLINE VS LOCAL LENDERSAccess to adequate and timely funding is the lifeline of any small business that aspires to grow. In the past, small businesses have depended on assistance from family, friends, and “fools” to fund their small business growth ambitions when they found that they were ineligible to borrow from local lenders.

Investing in Bitcoin: What Are the Benefits?

INVESTING IN BITCOIN: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?Digital eco-systems are becoming increasingly important to the global economy. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, regular currencies like the US dollar are a means of exchange. However, cryptocurrencies are only to be for digital trading information.

The cost of Covid – Careful tax planning has never been more important

THE COST OF COVID – CAREFUL TAX PLANNING HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANTThe covid pandemic has placed a great deal of economic strain on governments across Europe. New initiatives, such as furlough schemes and government grants, were introduced to relieve much of the burden caused by lockdowns and the drop in domestic productivity.  While these measures provided much needed support, they left governments in considerable debt.

A Consumer’s Guide to Bad Credit Loan

A CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO BAD CREDIT LOANConsumers with a bad credit score can get a loan despite the score they have. This loan option is called a bad credit loan. A bad credit loan is a specialized loan option that gives consumers access to credit facilities, while helping to build their credit alongside. 

Currency Market Update - September 30th 2021

cuerency updateUSD strength has been the main theme of the week, with focus solely on preparation for The Fed Reserve to begin tapering in November. Initial concerns were raised around tapering beginning too soon with the global economic recovery slowing, as well as high inflation taking place across the board.

Currency Market Update - September 27th 2021

cuerency updateThe Federal Reserve of the US and Bank of England of the UK both kept interest rates on hold last week. With the markets expecting no changes in rates and Quantitive easing; they were however looking for some forward guidance as to when an interest rate hike may come.

Should You Include Crypto in Your Investment Portfolio?

SHOULD YOU INCLUDE CRYPTO IN YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO?Why It Is a Must to Have Crypto in Investment Portfolio? Crypto investment comes with a lot of risks. The highly volatile nature of many cryptocurrencies is what makes them risky. However, with big risks comes great rewards, and that's why it is a worthy investment.