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Currency Market Update - 24th June 2024

Currency Market Update The major story last week was the Bank of England making it very clear that they are preparing for a rate cut in August, this caused Sterling rates to sell off a little on Thursday, the losses were then pared on Friday following positive retail sales out of the UK- which has levelled rates off again.

Currency Market Update - 18th June 2024

Currency Market Update Core inflation numbers are released for the Euro Zone at 10am, its forecasted to attract a slight gain from 2.7% in April up to 2.9% for May. This should not have too much impact on markets as ECB decided to lower their interest rates the other week – stating that inflation levels are on a downward trajectory towards its base rate of 2%. Since ECB lowered their borrowing levels, we have seen EUR weakness against other currency pairs.

Currency Market Update - 7th June 2024

Currency Market Update The ECB (European Central Bank) lowered their borrowing costs for the first time in five years from an all time high by 25 basis points down to 4.25%. This did not come as a shock to markets as it was an expected next step from the European Central Bank. Seeing small gains for the EUR against both GBP and USD when Thursday’s session closed.

Currency Market Update - 6th June 2024

Currency Market Update Yesterday The Bank of Canada became the 2nd Central Bank after The Swiss National Bank to implement their first rate cut and this came after six consecutive meetings of leaving rates on hold. Their rates have been reduced by 25 basis points, down from the highs of 5% to 4.75%.

Withholding Tax Reporting in Saudi Arabia vs. Other Jurisdictions

WITHHOLDING TAX REPORTING IN SAUDI ARABIA VS. OTHER JURISDICTIONSYou might think that the concept of withholding tax is too complex and varies too drastically across different countries. However, by comparing the systems in Saudi Arabia and the US, we can break it down into more understandable components.

Exchange Epay to Tether TRC20 (USDT)

EXCHANGE EPAY TO TETHER TRC20 (USDT)During the crypto industry's growth, a new type of digital coin, stablecoins, emerged - a cryptocurrency with a fixed value.

There are several kinds of such "stable" cryptos, and Tether is the first.

How to Choose the Right Financial Services Provider: Tips and Tricks

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDER: TIPS AND TRICKSChoosing a competent financial services provider is crucial for both your current situation and your whole financial future.
Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to recognize whom to trust as many providers are either not competent or want to misuse your trust for their personal financial growth.

Currency Market Update - 3rd June 2024

Currency Market Update Pound Sterling exchange rates have had a very good month in May, considering news of a UK election coming in July, the volatility has very much been swayed in favour of Sterling, which has given us a positive start to June. June will be an interesting month with plenty of data releases to keep us busy- we also have interest rate decisions from the UK, U.S and Europe, with Europes cut already priced in, if we see a cut from either the BoE or the Fed, this will definitely add more volatility into the market.