Millennium BPC's Salgados Praia Grande eco-Resort "cannot legitimately advance"


Almargem, the Algarve based environmental protection organisation, has applied to the Environmental Fund for study into several important wetlands in the region which, for various reasons, have never properly been classified.

Trafal and Foz do Almargem were included in the application, as the nearby Quinta do Oceano development has been given the green light despite its impact on the natural area.

Left Bloc slams Millennium bank's 'Salgados - Praia Grande eco-Resort' development

salgados aerial"There is much to be resolved in the Algarve, in public services and health in particular, in mobility, in the need to value their resources," said the parliamentary leader of the Left Bloc as he presented a schedule of visits in the region.

The forthcoming Algarve jolly includes "more than a dozen visits to all sectors, ensuring that there is no area that escapes proposals from the parliamentary group," said Pedro Filipe Soares.

Millennium bank's communications chief dodges questions about the 'Salgados - Praia Grande eco-Resort'

millenniumThe media blackout continues at the 'Salgados – Praia Grande eco-Resort' with the press still unable to get answers to questions of public interest.

The HK Strategies PR agency handling the account, the CBRE sales consultancy charged with selling the development and MillenniumBPC which now owns the development plan - and maybe some of the land - all are unable to utter anything more than standard PR waffle.

'Save Salgados' campiagn - here's how to help

salgadosplanAlgarve environmental organisation, Almargem, has called on the public to help in a campaign to put a stop to the ‘Salgados - Praia Grande ‘eco’-Resort’ near Galé.

Almargem asks that everyone who prefers open countryside and nature to more yet hotels and golf courses, to help change the hearts and minds of those in power.

The project's sales agent CBRE and owner MillenniumBPC so far have refused to answer some pretty basic press questions so, while they are deciding what to do next, Almargem has started an email campaign and asks everyone that is concerned about the environment to email:

Statement about MillenniumBPC's 'Salgados - Praia Grande eco-resort'

millenniumOn May 12th, a press release was issued concerning the 'Salgados – Praia Grande eco-Resort,' the promotion of the project by property consultancy CBRE, the ownership of the project by MillenniumBPC and the contact details of the PR agency, HK Strategies.

The press release triggered an eruption across the Algarve and further afield, causing environmental groups to sharpen up their campaign statements and local media to agree that the addition of ‘eco’ to the resort’s name, without changing the project detail, did little to make the press release anything more than a green-washing exercise.

Silves council slams MillenniumBCP's 'Praia Grande Eco-Resort'

salgados aerialAs the silence from MillenniumBCP's property consultancty CBRE becomes deafening, the 'for sale' Salgados 'Praia Grande Eco-Resort' development is receiving wide publicity as the Algarve roars into life to oppose the destruction of this countryside and wildlife area of extraordinary importance.

Almargem, so often the lone voice in opposition to thoughtless and inappropriate tourist developments, came out with a statement this week and plans to have the green area between Galé and Armação de Pêra protected as a site of special interest, click HERE

MillenniumBPC faces well-organised environmental lobby over Salgados 'eco-resort'

egretThe Algarve’s environmental protection association, Almargem, is pressing ahead in a race to list the Salgados area near Armação de Pêra as a National Nature Reserve or a Protected Landscape to thwart a revived threat of a 4,000 bed tourist development in a project now owned by MillenniumBCP.

Almargem points out that the Salgados - Praia Grande ‘eco-resort’ now being offered for sale is exactly the same as it was in 2012, when the initial project was presented to, and approved by Silves council and the government.

Threatened 'Salgados - Praia Grande' natural area being marketed to international property companies

salgadosplanUS-controlled property consultancy CBRE, has been given the job of finding a buyer for the Salgados - Praia Grande development between Galé and Armação de Pêra, Silves. This project had been owned by Finalgarve but currently is being promoted on behalf of MillenniumBCP.

Finalgarve, an indigent property company, was 60% owned by the Galilei Group that in turn was controlled by the bankrupt and deeply corrupt Banco Português de Negócios that cost the taxpayer €1.8 billion after a botched bail-out.