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Everyday Habits That Are Bad for the Ageing Adult

Everyday Habits That Are Bad for the Ageing AdultWe all engage in everyday activities that might not be the best for our health. But as aging adults, we want to optimize our health in every way, shape and form. Simple bad habits can alter our physical, and mental health, and can worsen conditions overtime. If you are looking to re-evaluate your daily behavior to be the healthiest version of yourself, here are some examples of bad habits to avoid. 

Safe Communities establishes portal to keep track of the Coronavirus

Safe Communities establishes portal to keep track of the CoronavirusAlthough Portugal to date has been spared from the new Coronavirus, it is important to keep up to date with the development of the new coronavirus with accurate information from official sources. This is especially so for those planning to travel.

There are unfortunately many myths and misinformation around, so it is essential to focus on what is accurate, rather than that which is not.

6000 km, 9 months, 3 countries - raising awareness of Fibromyalgia

6000 km, 9 months, 3 countries - raising awareness of FibromyalgiaThis month, 35 year-old French woman Violette Duval, is walking six thousand kilometres, from France to the Algarve, in order to show that despite her pain, she possesses the strength and endurance required to raise awareness of her condition. She is suffers from Fibromyalgia, and through her journey she wants to alert the world to her disease, characterized by constant pain throughout most of her body.

The deepening crisis of dementia

The deepening crisis of dementiaDementia is a progressive illness that has preoccupied philosophers and physicians for many centuries, yet there's still no known cure and it continues to afflict an increasing number of people in Portugal and around the globe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines dementia as a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities.
About 50 million people in the world have dementia and there are as many as 10 million new cases expected each year. Although it mostly involves the elderly, dementia is not an inevitable part of growing old.

Festive Herbs for Winter HealthEvergreen trees and plants are our go-to winter tonics when other foliage is sparse on the ground. Festive herbs like mistletoe, pine, holly and ivy are all part of historic medicinal traditions that have been mostly forgotten – except, of course, by herbalists!

doctorpaedoThey do not say, but they do it! Years ago, at a meeting in N.Y., someone from an investment fund explained this. In the monetarist school only those who are very productive, 20-45 years old, may get public support, writes Jack Soifer.

The top users at a Public Health Service, are elderly, then children. For speculative funds, the PHS should focus on emergencies. People must pay health insurance, often it’s tax deductible. Most of the insurers refuse to reimburse some of the expenses. Desperate patients pay, then they invest time, money and effort in a process that takes years. Many give up, the emotional cost is too great.

ALGARVE ASSIST - always by your sideALGARVE ASSIST is your new health and medical assistance partner in the Algarve. 

We know how challenging it can be when you are either living or travelling in a different country and need to access to medical care. It's the language, the paper work, the lack of information or support, the variables that you cannot control etc. However, our vision is that no one should face such challenges alone. That is why we have created a medical and professional service, providing you with support and expertise when you need it.

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