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Covid-19 wave of violence against women shows EU countries still lack proper safeguards

COVID-19 WAVE OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN SHOWS EU COUNTRIES STILL LACK PROPER SAFEGUARDSLockdowns to contain the coronavirus led to spikes in domestic violence reports. In two new studies, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) assesses the measures each EU country took to protect women during the pandemic and shows how governments can amplify the role of people witnessing violence.

Does Being a Dental Assistant Make Good Money?

DOES BEING A DENTAL ASSISTANT MAKE GOOD MONEY?When you are choosing a career, there are so many options. It can sometimes be overwhelming.  Suppose you already know that your preferences lie somewhere in the medical or dental field, but you don’t have time or money for expensive, fancy universities. In that case, this might be a career of interest for you. The job of a dental assistant is on the rise. If you are interested, or even just curious about it - continue reading this article. 

Key Skills of Great Social Workers

KEY SKILLS OF GREAT SOCIAL WORKERSIt is often found that social workers enter this career path to do some good in the world. After all, it is a career that doesn't tend to be financially rewarding, and it often involves a great deal of stress.

6 Tips For Getting An Accurate Psychic Reading Online

6 TIPS FOR GETTING AN ACCURATE PSYCHIC READING ONLINEIf you are not already familiar with Tarot cards, here is a quick breakdown before we drill into the details of accurate psychic readings. This form of divination goes way back to the 14th century.

What Career Paths Are Available for School Counseling Majors

WHAT CAREER PATHS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SCHOOL COUNSELING MAJORSWhen you were in school, you likely made at least one visit to the school counselor’s office. The school counselor supports the students with any social, behavior, or academic issues they might be having while in school. They can also provide advice on further education and career prospects. Pursuing a career as a school counselor means helping students during the most critical developmental years of their lives and is a incredibly fulfilling role.

How to Make Your Winter Days More Cozy and Comfortable

HOW TO MAKE YOUR WINTER DAYS MORE COZY AND COMFORTABLEEven if you can’t control the bustling and breezy cold days during the winter season, you still have the power to make some changes in your home to make it cozy and comfortable. If your house feels extremely cold during a harsh winter day, it is time to make some changes to make it more comfortable and cozier. You’d be surprised to know how simple it is to convert your light and breezy home into a warm and comfortable coop for cold days.

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - October 2020

It’s autuALGARVEPLUS MAGAZINE - October 2020mn. Clocks go back on the 25th of this month and candles are at the ready to light up the evenings, while log-stores are refilled and, with a possible surge of Covid-19 figures, freezers are
getting restocked in readiness for more home time. All this, whilst the glorious sunshine continues... a daily reminder of why we are all here. And how very lucky we are.

CLICK HERE and view full screen to read AlgarvePLUS October 2020.

Christians in the time of a Pandemic!

Christians in the time of a Pandemic!We are all getting used to hearing, reading and using terms such as 'Unprecedented', the  'New Normal', 'Hot Spot', the 'R Rate'.The current pandemic has changed our perceptions our behaviour and our world.
But crises like this Pandemic are not a new phenomenon. They have occurred at many points in our history.