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duoroterracesJames Mayor reports on the 2019 Climate Change Leadership Conference, Porto.

Last week Porto, Portugal, was the place to be for wine industry leaders engaged in combatting climate change. The second edition of the Climate Change Leadership Conference attracted 850 people from 30 countries. The Conference focused on solutions to climate change for the wine industry, and its keynote speaker, Nobel Laureate for Peace and former US Vice-President, Al Gore, declared, “the leadership role taken on by Portugal is an example for the entire world.”

cannabisA series of recent events indicate that Portugal is on its way to becoming a major producer and exporter of cannabis for medical purposes.

Holigen, a Portuguese company, has joined forces with a Canadian firm and when fully operational next year it could be one of the largest legal cannabis cultivation facilities in the world.

The Top 10 Beaches Of LagosWith clear blue sea and soft clean sand, the Algarve has more than 85 Blue Flag beaches, 6 of which are in Lagos.

Luz · Porto de Mós · Dona Ana · Camilo · Batata · Meia Praia

Lagos beaches offer something for everyone, from the bustling family beaches with amenities and ocean side restaurants, to the quiet hidden coves only accessible through the rocks on foot. 

The 40 expert fishermen in LagosA few metres from Mar d'Estórias, on the main avenue in Lagos, the wisdom of the sea and the history of our town is transmitted by living sources - in the experiences of 40 local fishermen. Lagos, a land of discoveries, men of the sea, golden coves and crystalline waters, relies on these fishermen to share their stories of authenticity lived on board their small traditional boats.

German soldier greets British “Tommies” with a Christmas tree in “No Man’s Land”Christmas 1914, the First World War. On the front lines in Europe, there was a truce. That word does not mean much to many now, but over 100 years ago for the men in the trenches, it meant everything.

It was the worst and most violent conflict the world had yet known. At the time they called it the Great War, since they did not know there would be another. It was truly a war between empires in the old world sense – French, Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and British. In 1917 the Americans would join them.

Spearfishing in the AlgarveThe connection the Algarve community has with the sea is undeniable. From the Portuguese Discoveries, from the search for fish for family survival to the enjoyment of water sports, we always consider the sea an essential part of our lives. So, it is not surprising that the Algarve has witnessed the birth of two people who make the sea their home and who have been distinguished by it: Teresa Duarte and Jody Lot, World Spearfishing Champions.

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