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Escape Room Lagos - a MUST DO in the Algarve!Are you looking for something a little bit different to do in the Algarve? Why not give The Orphanage Escape Room in Lagos a try?

If you're not familiar with the term 'escape room', it's basically the term for a live-action game where you and your team are the players. You are locked in a room with the challenge to complete a mission using a serires of clues, solving puzzles and completing challenges to escape the room. They will of course just let you out if you ask, but where's the fun in that?

Go seaside sightseeing with Enjoy the Algarve’s July issueRead the July 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Seaside sightseeing’.
In it: marine biologist André Dias about ocean conservation (“If you get to see a dolphin in the wild, you care about preserving its habitat”), a feature about why life is better at the seaside and fascinating facts about sea salt. We try out parasailing and bring you six other wicked ways to get wet in the Algarve.

Sex and wine in PortugalFollowing the spirit of Kotler’s marketing theories, a company advertising its products always has the clear intention and aspiration “to stimulate” consumption so that in the end the company realises a higher turnover.

Based on the latest knowledge about “modern marketing” one should say: “good marketing and perfect advertising aim to create the need and the appetite to buy the displayed products.” This is “the international approach” on marketing products.

Celebrate summertime with Enjoy the Algarve’s June issueRead the June 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Summertime!’

In it: creating sand sculptures, ice-cream maker Cláudio David about local Algarvian gelato flavours (dried figs or alfarroba & orange, anyone?) and fascinating facts about the Festas dos Santos Populares. This summer, capture the Algarve on camera. From festivals to beach and from food to nature & wildlife, our Picture Perfect photographers give advice and Fábio Martins explains how to make unusual holiday pictures with a crystal ball.

11426Portugal performs well in only few measures of well-being relative to most other countries in the Better Life Index. Portugal ranks above the average in housing, work-life balance, personal security and environmental quality, but below average in income and wealth, health status, social connections, civic engagement, education and skills, subjective well-being, and jobs and earnings.

These rankings are based on available selected data and are published in the OECD Better life Index.

Photo by Pedro BarrosThe south of Portugal is more than just sun and beaches.  Proactivetur’s João Ministro devotes himself to promoting the Algarve’s inland area, but in a responsible way. Enjoy the Algarve talks to João about attracting young people to the countryside, preserving traditional crafts and the recent popularity of ecotourism.

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