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questionMultiple entrances, guarded by a battalion of old and young uniformed men and women warned everybody that we were actually entering "The Citadel Show," an open air music festival in Gunnersbury Park, not Auschwitz.

Acres of white grass spread before me. I strolled past an endless number of drink and food stalls. Then three very large canvas covered arenas came into view. The mamoth Citadel was straight ahead, the Big Top 100 metres to the right and a third, non-descript nameless piece of canvas looked on deserted way over on the left.

fruitThis INHERIT Five-Country Survey Report examines the attitudes, preferences and behaviours of inhabitants from five European countries related to food consumption, physical activity and energy efficient housing. It is based on nationally representative questionnaire surveys conducted in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom in 2018, with a total of 10,288 respondents.

The survey examines the effects that incentive structures and the provision of information have on the willingness of individuals to adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

expatWhen one gets older, the skeletal system and muscles become weaker. This also means that the elderly person will not be able to walk freely or stay on their feet for a long time. As a result, the elderly use a wheelchair to allow them to move around with ease.

So yes, these seniors need a wheelchair for easy movement, but which is the best wheelchair to choose? That depends on a few factors. However, the most common factor that will determine the wheelchair that a senior citizen should use is the type of wheelchair.

Alvor Choir Fills ChurchThe small but very nice fishing village of Alvor has very long traditions. Already the Moors had a castle there, today a children's playground. The church is originally from 1498, although rebuilt.

beachBarImageMonday 15th April 2019 - 0930 - 1300 hrs
Faro Airport Arrival Hall
During the Easter holidays, two awareness-raising events will take place in two of the Algarve's main tourist locations: The first of these will be at Faro airport arrival area on Monday 15th April from 09.30 to 13.00 hrs 

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