‘La Luz del Sur’ - VRSA exhibits a collection of Karina Müller's paintings

KarenPix1The renowned German painter, Karina Müller, is delighted that the Vila Real de Santo António library is the venue for her latest exhibition which runs until March 30th.
‘La Luz del Sur’ is a collection of 24 paintings taken from Karina’s wide range of works in landscapes, animal portraits abstract works and collages.
Karina Müller was born Hamburg and has been living in the Spanish city of Ayamonte for several years, soaking up the cultural influences just over the border from Portugal.
“When you are not in front of your canvases, you are observing the world around you, visiting museums and galleries, always seeking inspiration and new ways to paint, learning and perfecting techniques to express your emotions and ideas,” said the painter at the launch of the exhibition in the Vicente Campinas Municipal Library.
When she moved to Ayamonte, Karina immediately was inspired by the Andalusian culture and started painting flamenco dancers, but soon the artist opened up her range of themes to express the variety of influences surrounding her.
Last year she won first prize in the Ayamonte Salon of Paintings 2017.
In addition to the current Vila Real de Santo António exhibition, Karina has an exhibition open Aracena, Spain and is preparing her second show in the city of Hamburg.
Members of the public are welcome at Vila Real de Santo António's library during normal opening hours.

Vicente Campinas Municipal Library



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