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Meinke Flesseman's 'Secrets of Summer' exhibition opens in Portimão

meinkeThe ‘Secrets of Summer’ exhibition of works by Meinke Flesseman opens at the Museum of Portimão on September 8th at 6.00pm.

One of the Algarve's top tier artists, with a host of international clients and commissions, Meinke Flesseman’s impressive artistic career saw her first studying Fine Arts at the Lorenzo di Medici Academy in Florence, Italy, and then at the Volkov-Moscow Academy of Fine Arts, and finally, at the Ruud Wachers Academie in Amsterdam.

Meinke now lives and works in inspirational Olhão. She is Dutch and was raised in the Algarve. Her career includes periods spent in the UK and Holland but Meinke has been in Portugal pretty much full time since 1998 since which time she has held individual and collective exhibitions.

Meinke’s emblematic and delightfully frequent use of goat images is a trademark of many of her paintings which are influenced by her environment of the land, the people and the seas washing the shores of the Algarve - and goats.

In ‘Summer Secrets’ Meinke shares and reveals the influences of the luminous and warm Algarve through textures and forms of the human and natural landscape – there’s a lot of water too, always tricky to capture on canvass.

This top class exhibition opens in the Portimão Museum on Sept 8th and runs until October 14th on every day except on Mondays.

The award winning Museum, for those readers that have not yet visited this excellent space, is in a former fish canning factory on the Portimão dockside near the British Consulate and even closer to the Clube Naval that overlooks the Arade.


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