Transpire - the new album from Sian Richards

Sian Richards - TranspireTranspire  is the new album from Sian Richards, a bilingual songwriter & recording artist from Swansea, South Wales.

Available from 1st October 2020 its her third album in 7 years, besides an EP and a few singles.  The new album has 10 tracks with the inspiration for the songs coming from TV / films and every day events.

The album was recorded/produced by Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studio in Llangennech, South Wales, and is available as a download/ stream from most of the major music platforms, also available as a physical CD direct from the artist.

The album is an eclectic mixture of upbeat and slower tempo songs. Track 1, "Evil Eyes" for which Sian is releasing a video, being her first venture into the world of music videos. Filmed on location in Sian`s home town of Swansea, South Wales, the video was filmed by "Vibe TV", a Swansea based filming company. The song was inspired by an episode of the BBC series "Silent Witness". 

Other noteworthy tracks on the album are Track 6, "Sweet Sound" with it's uplifting melody and lyrics about better days ahead and learning to enjoy what you've got. Track 8, "Fun" has an ironic title and dark lyrics about playing mind games and Track 10, "Lights Out" with it's contrasting uptempo music and lyrics about an internal battle of being torn in two different directions. CLICK HERE to listen.

In addition to Sian's new album Transpire Sian has also recently released two singles, one being a welsh single "Yn Y Gwaed" and the other an english single called "Evie". Her music falls into the alternative genre and is played on various radio stations across the globe. Besides being a recording artist, she has also appeared on TV a number of times with her Welsh music, and is an established BBC Radio Cymru artist. Her new Welsh language song 'Yn Y Gwaed' was lucky enough to be chosen as track of the week on BBC Radio Cymru recently and has had a very good response as a result. 

CLICK HERE to listen via Spotify.


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