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Snapshot! Art, photography, books, and news from the Algarve - July 2022


Welcome to the July Edition of Snapshot! Another bumper packed issue for you this month, celebrating 10 years and 1000 subscribers.

Thank you for your loyalty - we are thrilled we now have over 1,000 subscribers - and some of you have been with us since the very start in 2012!

We can't believe it but we are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of our newsletter this month too, which is an amazing thing. Thank you to every single one of you for reading and sharing our little offering each month.

We receive emails and messages every month from folks saying how much they enjoy reading Snapshot! and share it with their friends. From a simple 4-page A4 offering sent to a handful of friends to today's 65-page magazine that is shared with an estimated 17,000 readers in total, we have come a long way. And it is all thanks to each and every one of you that subscribes to this - so a huge, and heartfelt, thank you to all of you.

Best wishes and have a great month, From Dave and Alyson Sheldrake.

CLICK HERE to read Snapshot - July 2022. - checkout the feature on Algarvedailynews' very own Sue Englefield.


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