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Expat English teacher’s stunning debut novel

The Brotherhood of EdenAn ambitious Scottish teacher hopes his stunning debut novel about ancient civilisations will help bring peace in today’s troubled times.

Duncan Colquhoun was inspired to write The Brotherhood of Eden after seeing photographs of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. His gripping thriller takes readers back to the beginnings of civilisation following a modern-day murder.
Duncan, who teaches English in Portugal, hopes the message of his first book won’t be lost on his growing number of readers.

He said: “The message of The Brotherhood of Eden is to try and show that all humans have a common origin and that we are capable of living in peace together.
“The protagonists go to the corners of the earth tracking down a brotherhood from the first real civilization on earth in order to open the mythical hall of records after thousands of years.
“I got the idea for The Brotherhood of Eden when I first saw a picture of Machu Picchu.
“It filled my imagination and I felt a strong desire to write about old mysterious monuments and the secrets they could hold.”

The 26-year-old dad, who is originally from the west of Scotland, began writing poems for the woman who was to become his wife.
A fascination for the novels of Dan Brown and J K Rowling also inspired him to expand his writing and create his own timeless epic.

The Brotherhood of Eden is a complex and thought-provoking thriller which tells the story of a student and an author on a perilous mission to track down a millennial-old secret of the origins of mankind.
Duncan added: “The brutal murder of her uncle takes student Jess Cox as well as author Philip Coppens on a quest to track down a brotherhood formed by the first civilization on earth.
“Philip is a controversial author who has been ridiculed time and time again for his wild beliefs of the lost continent of Mu.
“And Jess is a simple country girl who gets thrown in the middle of it all as she fights to fulfil her dead uncle´s final wish.
“Surviving the centuries, an ancient force protects an earth-shattering secret that will lead to the origins of mankind.
“As it proves, it’s a secret worth killing for.”

Duncan is currently working on a sequel to The Brotherhood of Eden.

For more information go to Amazon where the Kindle and paperback versions of The Brotherhood of Eden are available.

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