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The One - A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel

The OneCanada's toughest crime-fighter, Keeno McCole, and his RCMP team, are called in to investigate the murder of a young woman who turns out to be the niece of the Prime Minister of Canada. The investigation leads them into the depths of domestic terrorism, a cult, and a trail of dead bodies, and Keeno’s greatest challenge yet, in this 3rd novel in the Keeno Crime Thriller Series – now available!

INTRUSION and QUANTUM ASSAULT"I enjoyed this novel very much. I love Keeno, his awesome personality, his guts, integrity and abilities. This was a shorter read which suited me well because once I picked it up and started it I just could not put it down until I was done. Forget about sleeping or working, so I do recommend you read it during the weekend!" Ana D

Purchase at Amazon UK and Amazon.com
Ebook just £00.99
Paperback £8.47

Get the first two novels in the Keeno Crime Thriller Series: INTRUSION and QUANTUM ASSAULT. Ebook just £00.99 or paperback for £8.79.

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