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Caught in a Trap a new book by Trevor Burton

Caught in a Trap a new book by Trevor BurtonBrian Hampson is an Elvis impersonator, one of the best in the business, and currently the warm up act to Streetsound, an up and coming rock band. Brian’s narrowboat is moored at Castlefield basin in Manchester. He awakes one morning after a gig to find Jake Bosson the bass player, dead on the back of the boat. A passing lady jogger sees the body and screams, before running off to return a minute later with a traffic warden she has mistaken for policeman. The police are called and all are interviewed but released. The police return later to question Brian (Elvis) again, however the boat and Elvis have disappeared.

With resources already overstretched, Detective Chief Inspector Bill Lambert of Greater Manchester Police asks the Gent, from the Enodo agency, to assist in finding the whereabouts of the boat and Elvis.
A minor titled lady called Jane, appoints the Gent to investigate whether her toy-boy lover is stealing her jewellery. Her husband is jealous and suspicious of her absences and has her followed, concluding, wrongly, that she is having an affair with the Gent, who is attacked and hospitalised.

Matt the drummer in the band is a low life drug supplier and thief, passing diamonds and jewellery to Brian (Elvis), the fence. One night after a gig Matt is found dead in the back-stage dressing room minutes before the band are due to play. Julian Hampson, the manager, is found unconscious on the floor but survives.

Another client of Enodo agency, Alison Johnson advises that her daughter, Tina, is missing, subsequently to be found dead, floating in the canal at Castlefield basin. A maths student at Manchester University she has been leading a double life, working as an escort to supplement her drug habit.
Are there connections or mere coincidences? The Gent investigates the story through the murkier side of the celebrity night life of Manchester.

For more information about Trevor and his books, please visit http://trevorburt.wordpress.com, visit the Trevor Burton page on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/trevorburtonpage or email burton01@btinternet.com.

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