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Moving new novel inspired by true story

Moving new novel inspired by true storyBest-selling author and Algarve resident L.A. Furtado is set to release her exciting fifth book Pop Rock Cop next month (April 9, 2018). After the success of her first novel, Her Apparitions from the Human Longings series, Furtado has once again written an intriguing story based on the true-life adventures of a Portuguese-Canadian heroine. Pop Rock Cop is about how Amalia, a talented young performer of Portuguese and Canadian descent, dealt with and overcame significant adversity that threatened to end her music career – and life.

Before her rise to musical success, Amalia naively decides to become a police officer at the age of 22 to help fund her musical pursuits and to make a positive difference in the world. But just as she reaches the pinnacle of her music career, she becomes unknowingly entangled with corrupt police officers who make false accusations against her in an attempt to frame and arrest her for something she didn’t do.

Pop Rock Cop initially began as a screenplay, which was nominated in 2013 by The Embassy of Portugal for the Camões Prize for literature, regarded as the Nobel Prize in literature of Portuguese-speaking countries. Furtado has transformed the screenplay treatment into a compelling page-turner, full of heartbreak, drama, excitement, humour, music and love.

It’s a story of inspiration – how perseverance, patience, hard work, strong personal beliefs and the love and support of family and friends will always triumph over deceit and deception. Pop Rock Cop is now available for pre-order, including limited signed copies by the author.

About the author

L. A. Furtado, author of Her Apparitions and Euphoria from the Human Longings series, and the upcoming Pop Rock Cop, is also known as Lisa Anne. She published her first book Her Apparitions (Book 1 of the Human Longings series) in 2009, which quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. It also received notable book award nods such as the Noveltunity Award (USA).

Her Apparitions & Other Human Longings was modified for an adolescent Chinese-speaking market and translated into traditional Mandarin Chinese, gaining a new fan base for the author. In 2015 Furtado published Euphoria, the second installment of the Human Longings series, also an Amazon Best Seller, topping three categories in its first week of release.

Her latest novel, Pop Rock Cop, was initially written as a screenplay and had the honour of receiving a nomination for the Camões Prize for literature by the Embassy of Portugal. After showing the screenplay to fellow Luso author and Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Rebello (Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho), he immediately loved it and agreed to write the final draft. The screenplay of Pop Rock Cop is currently available for option.

Furtado has found much success with her books and has been invited to literary events around the world, including the Azores, where her family hails from, Canada, USA, Taiwan, China, Macau and Portugal, giving book readings and inspirational talks. She currently lives a nomadic lifestyle that perfectly suits her writing and other passions, teaching English and yoga. Furtado lives between southern Taiwan, where she has taught English and yoga for more than 10 years, and the Algarve in Portugal, running her successful international yoga retreat-school, Bend It Like Buddha.

For more information and to order books please visit:www.lisafurtado.com

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