Finding Mojo - adventure born out of a midlife crisis

Finding MojoThis frank and fascinating travelogue written by Algarve resident, Natalie Galland, transports the reader on a year-long journey to exotic and remote destinations. Packed with humour, romance and dubious sexual encounters, it is balanced by factual details and the author’s carefully described impressions.

The book is a ‘must’ read for anyone intending to make a similar journey, or for the armchair traveler, preferring vicarious to actual adventure. The author spends two weeks crossing Russia on the Trans Siberian railway, horse-rides over the Mongolian steppe, mountain hikes above the Yangtze River, experiences Vietnam on the back-seat of a 50cc moped, scuba-dives with Manta Ray and reef sharks in Bali and, whilst in India, is roped in as an unpaid extra in a Bollywood film!

Alongside these extreme activities the journey has a spiritual element that culminates in Thailand. By this time Natalie has absorbed a huge cross-section of cultures and religions, and observed the strengths and weaknesses of those she’s met along the way. With new understanding and increased self-knowledge - in conversation with an unseen spirit - she maps out a clearer purpose for her future.As the book begins Natalie is leaving Europe following a series of personal disasters. When she returns from Asia she is invigorated with a life plan that continues to this day to drive her forward.

During the summer Natalie runs an organic farm with accommodation for visitors near Arao. Last year she qualified as a PADI instructor and spent the winter in Thailand teaching novices to dive. She is the Honorary Consul in Portugal for São Tomé e Principe.

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