10 Pillars For Successful Leadership

10 Pillars For Successful LeadershipIs leadership a matter of personality? Are we born with the ability? Or is it a matter of learning how to do it?

Why do nations, businesses and groups choose the wrong people to lead them, and is there a way to measure and predict the quality of leadership? How valuable would it be to the success of our lives if we could better understand the subject and know the markers of good, bad and indifferent leadership? This book is for everyone - because everyone is affected by the quality of leadership in our world.

"A helpful guide to doing the right things to be successful..."
"I enjoy reading the work of other authors also writing about personal development and leadership. This was an easy read delving into some key aspects of leadership... Gave me good points to consider."

Special release price: $4.29 at www.reallaplaine.com and Amazon.

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