Top 5 motivational books for students

TOP 5 MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS FOR STUDENTSIf you need to get inspired, motivated, or just relaxed when being in college, you can check these motivational books that will help you keep going.

College students really have many things to handle at the same time: attend classes, do homework, pay for the loan, accommodation, and food, deliver projects on time, make speeches at conferences and try to find time for social relationships. All this can overload and demotivate many of them: even though you can always receive help writing a paper for college using reliable services (don`t forget about speedy paper promo code to make it more affordable), it will not bring your motivation and engagement back. For this purpose, we created a list of books whose authors understand such problems and provide a solution (or just tell a story) on how to overcome all difficulties and remain happy.

Top books to get motivated in college 

We all had hard times being students: all these deadlines, exams, papers, and presentations seem never to end, and you lose any interest in trying further. Many students pay for an essay writers service to make their lives easier, deciding to buy college essay online: you just need to send a request, «Please, write an essay for me» to a reliable agency to receive professional college homework help. However, it will not bring your creativity and learning desire back. What can bring it back is reading some motivational stories or books about people in the same hard situations: you get motivated to see how they overcome all the challenges. 

Here is the list of books that will reload you, bring you more confidence and motivation to start all over again with a positive note:

  • The Alchemist

You have probably heard a lot about this book, not even understanding its deep meaning. Written by famous Paulo Coelho resonates with any reader because it tells us about basic human desires that are hidden inside of everyone. The book teaches us such essential principles as listening to our hearts and desires, following our dreams, taking opportunities, and finding a path you will go. It also reminds young people (and not only) that they are capable of doing anything they want, that when you fall several times, you still have to get up and that everyone knows how others should live but doesn't know anything about their own lives;

  • Seven habits of highly effective people

This book was written in the early 1990s by Stephen R. Covey: in the period when Americans were looking for productive ways and habits to build a business. In four parts the author describes seven simple habits that help you become more efficient which is: be proactive, create things both mentally and physically, prioritize things, think positively, listen and then talk, synergize and repeat your efforts;

  • The Last Lecture

The book was written by the university professor Randy Pausch when he was diagnosed with cancer, and he made it his last lecture. Through this book, he talks to his students, inspiring them to find a purpose every single day, dream big and be a modest, self-confident, and positive thinker. He tells his life stories from which you can learn that luck is based on preparation and taking the opportunity, you get experience when you don't get what you wanted, you should spend time on the right things and never forget about having fun;

  • Ignited Minds

The book is aimed at all young people and students and is written in the form of an essay by Dr. APJ Kalam. It is kind of an inspirational message that motivates us to dream big, believe in yourself, and increase your achievements by working hard and becoming better every day. He also talks about science and how it impacts our lives;

  • The Fountainhead

The book describes a story of five different people and shows how they can survive in a society where other people don't share your thoughts and principles. It brings up important questions and makes you think about your life, ethics, and style. All characters have their own way and destiny and encounter their own challenges. The main message is the struggle for freedom, creativity, and individuality.


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