NEW: The Belgian Wine Makers In Portugal

NEW: THE BELGIAN WINE MAKERS IN PORTUGALDuring recent decades the Portuguese wine world has been characterised by the influx of a number of  professional foreign winemakers, who all have only one goal in mind: to make top-of-the-bill-wines!

Among them there are 9 Belgians who not only acquire all the GOLDEN MEDALS on the MONDIAL DES VINS in BRUSSELS, but they are also very popular with a large crowd of wine lovers and are of course well introduced in the most renowned restaurants in Belgium.

A rich illustrated book by Guido Andries (96 pages) about THE BELGIAN WINE MAKERS IN PORTUGAL has now been published. This book is only available in the form of an INTERNET LINK and is available free of charge for all Belgian families living in Portugal. Simply send your details by e-mail to and you’ll receive the book!

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