A Spiritual Renaissance!

A SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE!Algarve resident, Muz Murray's newly released book 'YOU ARE THE LIGHT: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple', explains the spiritual way to help readers gain mental clarity.

Muz MurrayRenowned British mystic and spiritual guide Muz Murray has now released his latest book, YOU ARE THE LIGHT: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple. With this riveting new book, the author aims to give his readers the gift of mental clarity and inner peace. Readers find it improves their quality of life, shedding light on old mental attitudes and helps them figure out their place in the grand scheme of life. Having been admired by many for his unique perspectives, Murray’s new book is spirituality personified, and yet at the same time, simplified.   

Muz Murray has delved into the world of spirituality for the past 50 years while proactively teaching others about it all over the planet. He spent many years in India and Africa deepening his understanding of mysticism and spirituality, including Mantra and Advaita Vedanta. This knowledge he brings to the West in order to help people improve their quality of life. His book gives an insight into the mysteries of existence beyond conventional thought and the monotony of modern-day living. He is also one of the very few Westerners to have gone through a life-changing phenomenon known as Cosmic Consciousness, as well as a Near Death Experience and states of Samadhi or higher consciousness. His extreme pursuit for knowledge in the spiritual realm is a testament to his abilities and his mission of helping others around him.

YOU ARE THE LIGHT is a book that holds simplicity as its fundamental virtue, while lucidly explaining the mysteries of our consciousness. This new book provides easily accessible and adaptable methods for spiritual enlightenment that people can readily utilize even during their busy day. However, the simplicity of the book does not take away from the reliability of its contents. It helps people renew their perspective on life and start a transformative experience to a new plain of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Spirituality can be practical and that is what Murray conveys in this book. Ultimately, You Are the Light helps you overcome stress and depression by giving you a deeper understanding of the way your mind functions.

Muz Murray is a mystic, spiritual master and Mantra Yogi who has travelled the world to learn his inspirational spiritual insights. Author of four spiritual books and founder of a spiritualized psychotherapy centre in London, Murray is highly proactive about helping others realize the importance of a spiritual living. He has been interviewed several times on BBC TV, as well as on  Dutch and Italian TV networks. His life and work is featured on Netflix in a series named Fractals.

Muz Murray is available for interviews.

Title:  YOU ARE THE LIGHT: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple
Author:  Muz Murray
Company: Inner Garden publications
Email:  gerugandalf@gmail.com
Phone: +351-289 106 667
Facebook: facebook.com/MantraMuz 

About Muz Murray: https://www.muzmurray.com/biography

Availability: Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk, Kobo, Barnes & Noble

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MZG462J

All Reviews: https://www.muzmurray.com/you-are-the-light

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