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Chasing The Dream - A new life abroad - Now Available to Pre-Order

CHASING THE DREAM - A NEW LIFE ABROAD - NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER20 different stories. One shared dream – the chance to start a new life overseas.
Young lives, families, midlife movers, rash spur-of-the-moment property purchasers, and retirement dreamers are all featured in this book. Read about their adventures and find out what it is really like to move abroad.

I am so excited to be able to share this with you all!

The e-Book of Chasing the Dream - A new life abroad is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon.

You can pre-order your e-Book copy today and Amazon will magically transport it to your device or send it to you on launch day - which is Sunday 27th June.

That's the big day! The day you can purchase your Paperback, Hardback, Large Print or e-Book version. But you can pre-order your e-Book now. 

(I have no idea why you cannot pre-order a paperback before launch day. Better ask Amazon!)

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order.

Alyson Sheldrake

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