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The Bedtime Book that Begs to be Read Aloud

THE BEDTIME BOOK THAT BEGS TO BE READ ALOUDOld Mother West Wind Tales is an updated version of the century-old classic by Thornton W. Burgess, rewritten in a lyrical and easier-to-read-aloud modern style, to be launched on May 15th.

Jimmy Skunk encounters knobbly TedChildren will delight in the mischievous antics of the animals and birds of the Grassy Green Meadow, the Pollywig Pool, and the Windily Wood. All the old favourites - Johnny Chuck, fly-gobbling Grandfather Frog, Jimmy Skunk, and sly Reddy Fox, are joined in their adventures by new characters such as Billy Brock, little Zoëy Otter and her brother Otty, Sneezle the Weasel, and Toby Cockles the Terrapin.

These wholesome and gentle rhyming tales from a timeless world will charm adults as well as children.

The book will appeal to lovers of Beatrix Potter, Brambly Hedge, Animals of Farthing Wood, and Wind in the Willows.

5 Star Reviews
"This is the most charming, comfortable children’s book I have ever read! I love the author’s lyrical style and the animal facts added after new characters are brought into the stories. The writing style draws the interest of a child learning to read and encourages them to practice the music of language. Having read it in beta version, I am delighted to now have the actual book—and I highly recommend adding it to your children’s library—or your own.”

"Great illustrations. The stories are wholesomely entertaining."

Johnny Chuck“I bought this to share with my children, and we've read a few stories already and are having a blast with it. The illustrations are really stellar too which definitely enhances the overall experience.”

"A Delight for All Ages! Old Mother West Wind Tales is a beautiful collection of enchanting and masterfully illustrated stories. I could not help but smile while reading these delightful tales. The "Nature Notes" at the conclusion of each chapter are a wonderful addition to these whimsical little gems to be enjoyed by children and adults alike”.

"What a wonderful upgrade! The adventures of these slightly mischievous animals are described with so much charm and poetry, making it far easier to read than the original stories. The narrative style is magical and easily flows off the tongue. The book is enhanced by the wonderful new illustrations. I also love the nature notes following each chapter, which give an insight into the real lives of the animals and birds in the stories. Parents who wish to cultivate a love of nature in their children should definitely add this collection of tales to their bookshelf. You will be in for many nights of fun and sweetness.”

You can purchase the book at Amazon.es, or Amazon.com

Illustrations by Muz Murray

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