Twilight Visitor - new Thriller by Réal Laplaine

Twilight Visitor - new Thriller by Réal LaplaineAuthor, Real Laplaine, has just seen the international publication of his newest book, TWILIGHT VISITOR – through the British publishing house Netherworld Books.

TWILIGHT VISITOR is a global thriller, with a compelling contemporary and convoluted plot. The book encompasses two stories, which come together as one, and all in a 24 hour period.

An energy-desperate China invades Iran to take its oil fields. Iran, ultimately retaliates by firing a nuclear warhead on Beijing. During this same period, a bio-engineer from Portugal, vacationing on the shores of his Portuguese hometown, where he hopes to better understand his dysfunctional personal life, encounters a mystery woman; she reveals to him that the world is about to be capitulated into a nuclear war and that he alone can stop it. He resists her from the start, refusing to accept anything she says and her claims that the technology developed by his engineering team can solve the energy crisis which faces China. Not until the final hour, when the nuclear debacle is about to happen and a global meltdown is imminent, is he finally challenged to either continue to avoid his responsibility, or to do something to stop the crisis facing humanity.

The Twilight Visitor is an international thriller, with a complicated, intense plot and colorful characters. Its elegant prose, rich with original metaphors and succinct descriptions, creates an illusion of dazzling sceneries, almost palpable components of reality, and suspense, deftly mixed with philosophical and political dilemmas of contemporary life. The excitement of reading it ends only on the last page.
Alex Markman - Author of Contra-Odessa

"Twilight Visitor is a timely novel and as fresh as today’s news. Iran and China are set to tear into each other over oil while the world watches helplessly. The unthinkable is fast becoming the inevitable.On a deserted beach in Portugal a lonely man meets an enigmatic woman.How these two elements collide in this book is true literary genius as Real Laplaine weaves an intricate plot that never fails to convince or surprise. Just who is this woman and why has she chosen this man? While the worldwide crisis escalates to the point of no return this strange visitor must convince this lost man to help. Or mankind is finished. The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller but the depth of the plot is rich in complexities philosophical ideas. Laplaine has a good descriptive style that never interferes with the flow of the narrative as he builds highly credible scenarios that give the reader a true feeling that this is all too close for comfort.
Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist."

Interview with the author:

Q: What makes this story unique?
A: Because it depicts a very real scenario – based on actual circumstances facing our world as we speak. On the other side, it shows the life of just one very normal man, a bio-engineer from Portugal, who although successful in his career, is a complete disaster in his personal life, and is experiencing his own mid-life crisis. He is trying to get away from it all by taking this vacation back in his hometown, but suddenly finds himself thrust into the lap of a global meltdown where he is supposed to be the savior. The man can barely deal with his own problems, let alone a global crisis – and this is where the story presents a unique picture, constantly throwing the reader into the arena of an international dilemma, and the battle which wages inside this one man as he resists everything that this mystery woman is saying. The story, while a thriller and very entertaining, according to the great reviews received so far, shows the reader that anyone, anywhere, has the power to change the course of history.

Q: Why did you choose a Portuguese man and Portugal as a focal point for the story?
A. I wanted to give the story a different spin, showing that one man, and one woman, anywhere in the world, could take responsibility for a global crisis – and not just the people in power. 

Q. You say that it is a contemporary book, what does that mean?
A. The platform for the book is based on real circumstances in our world. The facts presented are based on actual trends, actual conditions – which as we speak, could spark such a global confrontation. In fact, if one simply views the circumstances we see developing over the Ukraine crisis and Russia, the plot in Twilight Visitor becomes VERY believable.

About the author

Real Laplaine comes from Canada, however he spent most of his career working in America before relocating to Sweden where he lives with his wife, two cats and continues to write and publish books.

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