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Who We Are: The Code of Creation

Who We Are: The Code of CreationFew know the business of transforming lives better that Lisbon healer Susana Cor de Rosa. Her life-changing guide Who We Are: The Code of Creation is now on its third print edition in her native Portugal.
And now the uplifting book which links science, healing and spirituality has been published in English.

Susana, who has been Quantum Healing mentor for the past 16 years, spent almost a decade researching and writing Who We Are: The Code of Creation.
The 46-year-old said: “This work offers you an opportunity to revolutionise your life from inside out, affecting every area of your life. With it, you will go deeper in your understanding of who you are, the power you have to create and choose realities – even the outrageous ones – how to heal yourself, reorganise your brain, achieve your goals, stay tuned with your soul, bring peace to the world, and much more.
“The book links science, spirituality, healing and self-improvement, in a very engaging manner.
“Examples of scientific experiments and real life stories lead us to rethink and abandon obsolete beliefs, limitations, negative emotions and unconscious habits, and to use our full potential to realise ourselves and have a positive impact in the world.

Who We Are: The Code of Creation is much more than just a self-help book, as it tackles quantum physics, new science and spiritual healing.
Susana's innovative and dynamic teaching methods have been recognized nationally and internationally and are inspiring a growing number of people across the world.
She believes readers of Who We Are: The Code of Creation can also transform their lives.
She added: “The idea for my book came from a desire to help people understand more about who they are and the extraordinary capacities we all possess to heal, to live our dreams, change our lives, to communicate with life, namely through the 16 senses. Moreover, because I have an intimate relationship with the divine I was hearing numerous ideas, sensing so many wonderful things that I felt compelled to write it. This work has already changed the life of thousands of people.

Since its translation into English, Who We Are: The Code of Creation has earned five-star reader reviews.
Isabel Alfaiate stated: “This book is fantastic and full of good advice. “It explains beautifully the scientific proof, making the link between science and spirituality.”

For further details visit Amazon, where the Kindle and paperback versions of Who We Are: The Code of Creation are available.

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