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Free movement, British citizens and Brexit

brexitLenContinuing free movement for British people living in the EU27 is one of the outstanding issues in the negotiations on citizens’ rights. Over the next six months British in Europe will be upping the ante in its to retain free movement rights, and it will need your help.
This briefing paper outlines what free movement is, what the issues are, and what is likely to happen if we lose our free movement rights after 31 December 2020. 
What is free movement?
Put simply, free movement is your right - as an EU citizen - to move around freely and reside in any EU member state. This means that your residence in your host EU country comes under EU law and not under local immigration policies, and you have the right to

1. move to another EU country to live;
2. work as an employee or self-employed;
3. run a business; and also
4. provide services cross-border and to mutual recognition of your professional qualifications.
Free movement of people is one of the 'four freedoms' guaranteed by membership of the EU. The other three are freedom of goods, freedom of capital and freedom of services.
The ability to move and reside freely is a right. But it is regulated and there are conditions that must be fulfilled, even as an EU citizen. These are implemented to a greater or lesser degree across the different EU countries, but the same regulations apply throughout the EU.
To read the rest of this important article, click HERE
See also: 'British in Europe' HERE
Plus - the link below will take you to a very short on-line survey which has been prepared to help British in Europe strengthen its arguments for protecting your rights to Freedom of Movement after Brexit.
You will already know that these rights stand to be restricted after the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) putting at risk the livelihoods of anyone working cross border and potentially limiting movement around Europe for us all.
As with all surveys, the sample size needs to be meaningful, so your participation is critical to our success, please click on:
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0 #2 DAVID PIMBLETT 2018-04-22 08:30
The so called myth of "Brexit `shambles" is being perpetrated by the war criminal Blair and his ilk who cannot accept that they lost a referendum. All the major political parties in the UK with the exception of UKIP and MRLP were remainers and they lost. What does that say about the British electorates trust in politicians. I wrote to "he who saved the world " aka James Gordon brown and expalined to him that if every financial decision that he made had not been made the economic ituation in the UK would be far better . He sold our gold at rock bottom prices and started the private pension crisis. Some of the British politicians would feel at home in Portugal.
+1 #1 Verjinie 2018-04-21 09:54
As UK ex-pats in Belgium and France are having the case examined by the ECJ, could we hear more from of 'Rift France 2017'? Perhaps s/he is Kalba Meadows? Thanks for all your efforts, so far, all + the survey!

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