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SeaBookings - the sea experiences platform - has a new brand identity

SeaBookings - the sea experiences platformSeaBookings, the Portuguese startup dedicated to boost maritime tourism, has launched a new innovative booking portal to bring its users even closer to the more than 500 sea experiences provided. In addition, a new brand identity was launched.
SeaBookings was born by the passion for the sea by the Dutch sisters Bo and Femke Irik in 2014. SeaBookings is an online platform where searching, comparing and booking sea related activities is made easy. 

New brand identityHaving started in Portugal, the platform now also covers Spain and is ready to conquer the Mediterranean. This international expansion and demanding market made SeaBookings’ team decide it was time for a totally new platform and image. The goal is to strengthen SeaBookings’ brand in the global competitive travel industry and, most of all, to bring travelers even closer to the most authentic sea experiences by improving the user experience of the platform.

Francisco Lobato de Melo, Creative and Product Designer, was given the challenge to design the new brand identity of SeaBookings. Through a collaborative process with the SeaBookings’ team, the new brand reflects the company’s passion for unique sea experiences. The platform was built together with the tech team who is now proud to present this innovative online marketplace. Bo Irik, co-founder of SeaBookings explains: “We have been bootstrapping since day one. We started with a simple WordPress template, studied market-fit, and with the development of the technologies, we are now ready to launch our new brand identity and custom-made booking portal and back-office. SeaBookings deserved it!”

The co-founders of SeaBookings were already long visioning a better and easier to use website. With the impressive growth in terms of destinations and sales, Fabio Neves, co-founder and “the techie” of SeaBookings, referred: “Due to the many destinations we want to expand to, we had to find ways technology could ease our work. Expansion will soon be very fast and easy. Our expansion model is, like our team, designed to be remote.”

For now, the business compass is pointed to the Mediterranean Sea as Spain has already proved that the potential is enormous. According to Femke, the youngest sister: “We’re now leaders in Portugal and the world is the limit”.

SeaBookings’ team is very proud of their successful bootstrapping strategy but is open to an eventual partnership if they find the right person to help them conquer the seas even quicker.

Please visit www.seabookings.com to explore the new website and learn more about the 500 sea experiences offered in 35 different destinations. CLICK HERE to see some of the sea expereiences available. 

The SeaBookings team

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