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How small scale enterprises are reviving Portugal's neglected interior

How small scale enterprises are reviving Portugal's neglected interiorThe decade has not been kind to the interior regions of Portugal, it’s a common enough story in southern Europe, where rural decline is a long-term tendency that has accelerated since the financial crisis. But a small but growing number of investors are hoping to reverse the slow-motion decline of rural areas. 

Nestled in the mountains in the Portuguese interior, the pretty town of Manteigas has suffered a familiar kind of slow-motion decline. “Once the factories started closing, then the schools closed, the shops closed, even the chapel closed,” says Maria José Santos Salvado, a wizard with needle and thread who was laid off as a textile patcher when her factory shut in 2011. “All the young people left. Manteigas became a town of old people.”

But are fortunes about to reverse?

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Photograph: Mark Rice-Oxley/The Guardian


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+4 #1 nogin the nog 2019-08-29 20:38
I took the time to read the full article and it was a pleasure to see successful Portuguese business people putting something back or saving skills that would be lost. I spend a month every year touring northern Portugal and I think it is a region steeped in heritage and of course very stunning..

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