How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop ... or virtually any other type of business

How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop .. or virtually any other type of businessA lot of people find marketing confusing, expensive, time consuming and even intimidating.

This especially applies to the owners of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. It probably also accounts for the reason that the closure rate of this type of business is three times higher than other business types.

Marketing doesn't need to be difficult or intimidating. But if you fail to market, your business is very likely to fail. Because without marketing there are no customers and without customers there is no business.

Most of us understand this and the good news is that marketing is just as easy to understand and implement. Most of it is simple common sense.

Of course it also helps if you have some good advice on marketing. Especially if it comes from someone that has experience in hospitality marketing. That's were I come in.

Based on my experience I know you don't have much time to learn about marketing. So I've made a series of videos that get over the basic concepts in just a few minutes.

Below is the first one ... and over the months more will appear (number four is being completed as I write).

Once you've watched the introductory video you can look forward to the one on location .... hint - it isn't just about the physical location of your premises; then we have one on how to use flyers and samples to fill your tables night after night ..... and then ...... well, I'll tell you more about that in a future article.

If you have any questions email me or give me a call. I'm in Portugal on a regular basis and am happy to meet with you to discuss marketing your cafe, restaurant, coffee shop and any other types of business.

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