Page promotion is different from post promotion!

Page promotion is different from post promotion!Facebook is always suggesting promoting your page in different ways, and sometimes we are really tempted to go ahead with these promotions, but do we know what we are really going to do...?

Let's stop and check: what are we promoting? The page itself or the post?

There are several types of promotion available on Facebook such as promoting (boosting) a post, promoting your page, promoting your business locally, getting more visitors to the website and getting more leads.

Today we are going to talk about the difference between the two most used options – page promotions and post promotions.
They both happen on your Facebook page, but have different goals:

- The page promotion aims at increasing the page's notoriety and its number of Likes and followers.

- The post promotion (boost) seeks to promote a specific post on your Facebook news feed.

And they are used for different purposes:

- To grow the community of people who like the page, promote the page!

- To make that specific post on that product that sells so well reach more people, promote (boost) the post!

When promoting a post, Facebook will show only that post to more people, within an audience you define (people selected according to the audience preferences you must determine – see more on audience selection at The interactions of users with this post will be visible directly on said publication on your page, that is, the number of Likes, comments or shares you obtained with this promotion, which you can also compare with the results of other posts and promotions.

And here’s a final tip: if you are doing the promotion from your smartphone, you can see what type of promotion you are doing, whether it is “promoting page” or “promoting post”, by checking the description at the top of your app, as shown on this article’s image.

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