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Restart Sustainability

RESTART SUSTAINABILITYPortugal has a huge potential to increase exports from the interior. Mainly from sustainable agriculture and other SME. Romans, Celts, Moors, Jews were welcome. We learned from them to do the best, integrate, export. Earlier conquering lands, then markets.

Every two centuries Portugal changed, improved. From ruled in the Middle Ages, to rulers, reaching other continents. Kings heard the knowledge of foreign navigators and astronomers and brought them to the court.

We knew how to find markets for spices, tea, sugar, coffee, to export more. We knew how to transform cotton not only weaving, also making cloths for them.

Neutral in the war, we welcomed all, and together we grow. We learned and won, the unknown sea, the plague, hunger, the egoism of war, the centrality of the dictatorship. But we have lost over the past 50 years to the selfishness of finance, which destroys the well-being and liberty of Portugal.

RESURGIR is a book that tells this and shows what we can do to get out of the serious crisis that will plague us this year. Authors from six countries tell how to survive and grow right now. We showed the world how to fight CV19. Government, like the good kings of discoveries, heard the knowledge of those who challenge the myth of the powerful. This way we overcome the socio-economic crisis that the world will face.

Mendo Henriques tells of the “ecological crisis, economic voracity, poor management of resources, governments obsessed with economic growth, ... symptom and effect of an environmental, social and cultural crisis”. He suggests infrastructures to connect the world to the "glocal". They should be located for equity.

Jorge Buesco tells how scientists worked with enterprises to quickly solve rare problems. The Algarve Bio Center organized testing of CV-19, including a drive-thru in a football stadium. The Institute of Molecular Medicine made a test using local materials. The Polytech of Leiria lead the molding industry to make Protection Equipment.

The Engineering Center of Matosinhos designed invasive fans with the School of Medicine of the University of Minho and the regional industry. CITEVE, from the textile and clothing industry, makes Personal Protection Equipment, gloves, masks, previously imported.

Vitor Jorge lists niches for the circular economy.
- Electronics, extending the life of products, collecting and updating mobile phones, tablets and chargers;
- Batteries, revamping all of them;
- Packaging, reusing, or biodegradable materials;
- Textiles, recycling;
- Food, packaging and distribution with focus in glocal;
- Waste, recycling.

Frederico de Carvalho writes that air cargo is increasing, while less passengers. Recycling of large aircraft will come. This will make Beja airport feasible, good for large aircrafts, without space limitations.

RESURGIR shows how Portugal can come back as a country that leads the best use of new technologies, and brings human progress. GOOD FOR ALL!


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