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Warning! Google Ads will start charging extra fees in specific countries

WARNING! GOOGLE ADS WILL START CHARGING EXTRA FEES IN SPECIFIC COUNTRIESAs of the 1st November, Google Ads will start charging new extra fees, but don't worry as it will only happen for 3 new countries – the UK, Turkey and Austria.
This new fee will be applicable to all advertisers running ads in these countries, whether they are based and advertise there, or if they are based elsewhere but running ads in these countries through Google Ads. For example, if you have Google Ads campaigns targeting the UK, you will pay this fee. Let's take a closer look at how it works...

1. How much is the fee?
The fee varies depending on the country:
- Turkey and Austria: 5% on top of the amount spent.
- United Kingdom: 2% on top of the amount spent.

2. How and when is this fee charged?
This amount will be charged at the end of each month. It will correspond to an increase in the amount spent that month on Google Ads in these countries. In other words, if you advertise in the UK and spend € 100 on ads, the value of this extra fee will be € 2 and therefore in total you will pay € 102, which may be subject to the VAT rate in each country.

3. Where can I see this increase on my invoice?
This amount will be shown on your invoice and statement on a separate line. To access and download the invoice, just remember that you need to go to the new “Docs” section and download your monthly invoice.

4. What is the reason for these new rates?
According to what was announced by Google last week, the Regulatory Operating Costs are being added due to significant increases in complexity and cost of complying with regulations in Turkey. In Austria and the United Kingdom, the DST fee (Digital Services Tax) is driven by the new digital services tax in these countries.

If you advertise in Portugal or outside these three countries, you can rest assured that you will not be charged any extra amount.

For more information, bespoke strategies and efficient digital marketing solutions, just contact the Clarity’s girls through info@yourdigitalclarity.com or visit our website at yourdigitalclarity.com.


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