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Top 3 Reasons a Startup Succeeds

Top 3 Reasons a Startup SucceedsStart-ups can be started by just about anybody these days, however this doesn’t mean that everyone who ventures out into business succeeds. All of them begin with a plan, positive attitude and with high spirits.

However, very few of them manage to successfully put their thoughts into action and make their business a profitable one in spite of uncertainty and numerous challenges. This requires a lot of dedication, passion and persistence. Only then can a start-up reach the heights of success.

Many-a-times you may also end up making a few silly mistakes that could act as a drawback to your start-up. In order to stop that from happening let’s look at top 3 reasons that make a start-up successful.

Vision with a Time factor

Vision plays a very important role in deciding the success or failure of your start-up. One needs to have an idea which is marketable and profitable, for a concept which is totally new and unheard of may not be easily accepted.

A goal which is attainable and sustainable is sure to keep you motivated. Therefore have an idea which is unique and ensure that the market is able to understand it.

Success depends on planning and its correct implementation.  Evaluation is also necessary take corrective steps and measures. Making use of the opportunity to your advantage at the correct time is the first step to success in your start-up.

You cannot afford to enter a market which has already many competitors as it will be difficult to have a hold and garner your share.

New start-ups end up taking hasty and quick decision ignoring the time factor completely which leads to massive falls and thereby failure. Whereas if you see the other businesses that too had started like start-ups but have managed to reach the high point, there is huge difference in their patterns and ways of thinking and applying those thoughts to work.

Having new and innovational ideas isn’t bad but putting them into use without giving a second thought to the future scenario is a big mistake. Having a relaxed time-efficient thought process and managing a single thing at a time is what makes a start-up succeed.


Every business needs to be given certain amount of time to establish itself. The start may have been easy but the journey ahead may not be smooth. During such rough times and scary situations, you have to be persistent and committed.

Don’t give up easily for success is the result of persistence efforts in the right direction. An idea well begun, but which doesn’t have commitment is sure to fail.

As such, determination to succeed is needed. In order to survive in the business, you need to be patient. Associate with people who are knowledgeable and learn from them.

Believe in yourself and work whole-heartedly, employ a team which is willing to learn. Appreciate the hard work of your employees. A dedicated and committed team is needed in every business.

Continue to inspire yourself and motivate those working with you. Zeal to be successful in the face of challenging situations will bring about positive results.

The thing that is very common among many of the new beginners is that after a small fall they tend to slow down and get discouraged. Ups and Downs are a huge aspect of business life.

A small fall shouldn’t stop you and your start-up from being the best. When you enter this world, your rigorous commitment is a must. All these huge brands today were nothing but mere start-ups in the past but the reason they are who they are today is because of the strong and non-breakable commitment.

When you have the spirit of “never giving up” in you, everything else falls into its place properly. 

Plan your finance

Every business needs finance to survive. It is therefore necessary to have a budget for it and plan all expenses accordingly. At the very beginning, every business needs to invest a lot of money. However, with passing of time it needs to cut down its expenses and learn to live with the bare minimum.

If you happen to face a cash crunch at the very start, it will be difficult to continue and manage your business. For a start-up to be successful you need to have funds.

Managing of expenses and being able to make money within a short period of time is a skill that you should acquire. When you plan your budget and make decisions accordingly, it leads to a better and a long lasting business.

You might have heard stories of the huge brand owners talking about how they have survived days with just the bare minimum in hand. That is exactly what you and your start-up should be ready for.

You can also bootstrap and plan your startup wisely. Instead of a big marketing campaign, you can focus on online media and social media to get the ball rolling.

You can set up a website for your business and sell from it. Make sure that the hosting service you use to set up your website is in the geographic location of your audience. For example, though you are in Algarve, if your audience is in Canada, you can check 28msec's comparison for Canada to see which is the most appropriate hosting for your startup.

If possible get a professional to deal with your accounts. It is completely fine if you have to spend a dollar extra on hiring a professional, but this can be very beneficial for your start-up.

The very fact that you would have the exact detailed reports of your outflow and inflow of income can make things way easier for you. With that you would be able to create a plan perfect for the future in terms of the finance of the start-up. You can also check


No matter how much advice you take and people you listen to, if you do not have that fire burning in you to make things work out then none of them are going to be of any use to you.

If you do have that spirit, along with these tips you can surely make sure that your start-up reaches that goal that you have set up for it.

Hope this write-up helped you know more and gain an insight about the start-up life and ways in which you can be successful.

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