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Top 5 Claims Adjuster Firms in the US

TOP 5 CLAIMS ADJUSTER FIRMS IN THE USMany insurers are cutting their exposure by adding restrictions to new or renewed policies, a recent article in the Insurance Journal notes. These adjustments may require employers to bear more of the costs and increase premium rates according to Jason Binette, EPLI product manager at AmTrust Exec in Connecticut. 

AmTrust has recorded a 22% increase in requests for cover since the start of the pandemic. This growth was driven in part by new small business customers. 

When processing an insurance claim, insurance adjusters play a very important role. They are needed to assess the loss of the policyholder and to determine if and how much the insurance company needs to payout for that claim. We have compiled a list of the top 5 claims adjusters to help you choose the best one for you to get the maximum payout. 

Pacesetter Claims 

Pacesetter Claims, located in Tulsa, has a range of adjusters suited to the policyholders needs. The firm specializes in property claims, but they offer services regarding catastrophe, daily and desk adjusting. They are clearly dedicated to their clients and have a passion for training their adjusters, allowing them to reach their full potential. The firm is ISO 9001 certified, they hold the SOC2 accreditation, their glassdoor rating is 4.5 and they have an 89% CEO rating. 

Pilot Catastrophe Services

Pilot Catastrophe Services, based in Alabama, works fast and efficiently by offering opportunities and having a strong management and administrative support system. The firm was founded in 1983 and currently represents a large number of carriers, of which include Allstate and State Farm. The firm, which is known to work with new adjusters, has hundreds of adjusters having a range of specializations to suit the needs of any policyholder. The firm, which has regional offices across the country, in locations such as Hudson and Dallas, has a rating of 4 on Indeed, 91% of people who have encountered them have recommended them according to Glassdoor and more than 96& of people highly rated the CEO. 

E.A Renfroe

E.A Renfroe, founded in 1994 and based in Birmingham, Alabama, has the full range of claims handling and support services with a large range of claims adjusters working on both natural and man-made catastrophe claims in the US and Canada. E.A Renfroe, which represents a large number of carriers, is known as a good start-out company for new adjusters. They are within the top four firms for deployment of new adjusters. They also specialize in streamlining the processes involved in claims management by the use of their mobile app among their employees. The firm has a rating of 4.3 on Indeed, they have a 61% recommendation rate by past users and over 70% of people highly rate their CEO.

Worley Claims/Alacrity Solutions

Worley Claims, was founded in 1999 and is now known as Alacrity Solutions, offers claims adjusting services that are superior and work with governmental bodies, along with private and public corporations. Alacrity was bought by Worley Claims Services, and although both have received success, Alacrity is known for their outstanding service and has an esteemed reputation in the industry. The firm, which represents America’s largest standard, surplus, and excess lines carriers, have loss adjusting professionals also serve as an extension of their claims department across day-to-day claims up to catastrophe response. The firm's rating on Glassdoor is 3.5, Glassdoor says that almost 75% of people recommend working with the firm and over 95% of people highly rate their CEO.

Eberl Claims Service

Eberl Claims Service, which has a claims management and handling background dating back to 1954, has a range of claims adjusters who are also very willing to work with new adjusters. The firm, which is based in Lakewood, Colorado and has offices in Dallas, Denver, and Irving, is known to handle claims ranging from daily and desk claims to large loss projects. The firm, which is one of the top firms in the country, also founded a training facility for new adjusters, based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has a 100% recommendation rate on Glassdoor and 100% of people have highly rated their CEO. 

The Takeaway 

These firms are the best of the best, especially because they welcome and offer opportunities for new adjusters. The new and experienced adjusters are able to find opportunities and are able to further develop the skills they have by assistance of the firms and technology provided by them. 


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