ZenBusiness: Why It Has Become A Favourite Tool For Startups

ZENBUSINESS: WHY IT HAS BECOME A FAVOURITE TOOL FOR STARTUPSForming a business in the US is accompanied by its obstacles and challenges, but by using a business formation service, entrepreneurs are able to tick one important thing off their lists.

ZENBUSINESS: WHY IT HAS BECOME A FAVOURITE TOOL FOR STARTUPSAccording to Crunchbase, their Private Unicorn Board reached close to 1,000 private owned unicorns in 2021. This has been an inspiration to many aspiring business owners. ZenBusiness, a business formation service, is able to assist entrepreneurs in this process. This business formation service was launched in Austin, Texas in 2015 and boasts having served over 100,000 clients since its establishment. This article will explore its services and why it is preferred by many startups. 

Exploring ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness offers LLC formation services and is a leader in it’s field seeing that it has served over 150,000 clients. ZenBusiness is renowned for their customer service. Seeing that they offer customer service via phone, email and web chat, customers are offered with a range of avenues when assistance is needed. The business formation service guarantees that the emails sent by clients and potential clients will be answered within one business day. But there have been reports from customer reviews that emails are responded to within a shorter time period. Customer support services on ZenBusiness are available between 8AM and 8PM CT during the week. On weekends, customer support services are available between 10AM and 7PM CT.

Although they are a relatively young company, ZenBusiness has made a name for themselves in their industry by incorporating and integrating technology into the services they offer. ZenBusiness has made use of automation, which has seen many of their services being more efficient. This automation also ensures lower rates for clients, which is an additional aspect to set them apart from competitors. The use of technology is attractive to startups, as technology is the future. This shows that ZenBusiness is able to offer updated services suited to serve modern startups. 

Plans offered 

  • The Starter plan. This plan is suited for small startups which do not pursue large expansion in the near future. This plan costs $39 for the first year, and then $199 for every year after that. The Starter plan offers basic incorporation services, a risk-free accounting assessment, as well as registered agent services. Additionally, this plan offers an operating agreement template for entrepreneurs to use during the formation procedure. 


  • The Pro plan. A step up from the Starter plan, offers what the Starter plan offers with a few extra tools. This plan costs $149 each year and includes a banking resolution template, and an EIN on behalf of the startup. Additionally, this plan produces a managed annual report and offers a compliance management service. 


  • The Premium plan. This plan contains the benefits of the Starter and Pro plans, with a few more tools. This plan costs $249 each year with rush filing speed, domain registration and privacy, a business email and a website. 

Purchasing a plan

Firstly, an entrepreneur would have to select a plan. As mentioned, ZenBusiness offers three plans, but the prices do vary depending on the state of business. When selecting a business plan, entrepreneurs should indicate which state they plan to be based in to gain an informed price estimation. Secondly, ZenBusiness will require the personal information of the entrepreneur. Thirdly, the business’ details will be required. Examples of this will be the business name, business address, etc. Fourthly and finally, the business owner would need to make payment covering the service fee and state LLC formation fees. 

This is all able to be done on ZenBusiness’ website. After a package has been selected and paid for, ZenBusiness will proceed to start their formation procedure. The turnaround time differs between the plan which was selected, but ZenBusiness is known to offer faster formation services than most of its competitors. Entrepreneurs should note that turnaround time may be negatively affected by the state they are based in. 

The bottom line

ZenBusiness is an extremely attractive business formation service. They offer a range of plans which suit the needs of all types of startups, their prices are reasonable and they have a large amount of positive customer reviews. This shows that ZenBusiness aims to satisfy the customer and to create a business set to gain success. If entrepreneurs are interested in gaining more information on ZenBusiness, they should consult this free resource

But, before selecting ZenBusiness as the business formation service for your startup, entrepreneurs should thoroughly consider their goals, needs and wants for their business. They should also research other services. This would allow them to make an informed decision when selecting a business formation service. 


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