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The Best You You Can Be

THE BEST YOU YOU CAN BEBeing the best version of yourself, especially in the business world, is essential to success. Let's look at four ways to be that version of you!

Every day when you sit down or head out to whatever kind of job or career you have, you’re reinforcing the habits that you currently have in your workday. Every day that you do things the same way you did them yesterday and the day before, those habits become more and more solidified in your subconscious mind and will either add to or detract from how good a business person you are or can become.
Ask yourself: are the habits that you currently allow in your life good ones?
Are you setting goals every day, and long-term goals each month or year?
Are you as productive as you can possibly be without being overworked?
Are you doing the best job you could be doing?
Will these habits and daily tasks get you to where you want to be or hinder you along the way?
If the answer is the former, then you don't need to read on. But if it's the latter, if you know that you could be doing more to become the best business person that you can, this article is for you! We will lay out four ways that you can become the best version of yourself in the business world. These tips are all very simple things, but sometimes it is the smallest or simplest changes that make the biggest difference. 

Responsibility and Accountability

Understanding how important it is to remain accountable and take responsibility for your actions or those of your subordinates is essential to being a good business person. This is not always a pleasant task as sometimes you’ll need to take responsibility for things that were completely out of your control, and sometimes it’ll mean being accountable for mistakes that you made yourself. The most important thing in any business transaction is making sure that your client or customer feels taken care of and gets the item or service that they asked for. If there has been a mistake or an error, it’s essential to deal with it immediately not only by rectifying it but by communicating with your client to make sure they know what is going on and that you have the situation in hand. If you are their point of contact, you are the one responsible for anything that happens during the course of a sale or deal. Your Health and WellbeingTaking responsibility also means ensuring that everyone you work with, above or below you, is either fully informed or informing you at all times. Everyone in your business environment should be responsible and kept accountable for their duties.

Your Health and Wellbeing

While the customer is the most important person in a business transaction, you are an essential part of that system, and the system can’t function well if you don't function well within it. Taking care of your own physical and mental wellbeing is an essential part of becoming the best you can be. If you’re out partying on a work night or all weekend and not getting enough sleep before you log on or head to the office, there’s no way you’ll be functioning well enough to do your job properly. If your mental health is getting the better of you or if you’re always physically unwell, the same goes. Know yourself: find out how much sleep your body needs, when it needs extra rest, when you need to check in with your mental health professional or take a sick/mental health day. Take care of your body: exercise, eat well, get outside and enjoy the fresh air, take it easy. If you have all of these things in balance, your mind and body will be ready to take over the business world.

Don’t Multitask

We know that often, in the media, the professional who does it all in half the time and embraces “the grind” is praised above all others. Instead of pushing too hard to be that person, take the time you need to do each task well. Multi-tasking is a huge no, as your attention is never truly on one task at a time. Sure, you might get things done in a shorter time frame, but are they done as well as they would be if you just focussed on one thing at a time? Probably not. Time is not the most important way to measure how much you get done (although we aren't advising embracing a go-slow business lifestyle!): how well a task is attended to is much more important than how quickly it is completed.


This is good advice in business and in life. Treat other people the same way that you would want to be treated in the situation. Before you lose your temper at a subordinate for making a careless mistake, think about how you would like your boss to treat you if it was you who made the mistake. You would expect a reprimand, certainly, but not a shouting match in front of the entire office. Not only is it more ethical to treat co-workers and clients how you would like to be treated, but it also says a lot to clients about the kind of business person you are: if you treat your subordinates or co-workers badly, they may hear of it and no longer wish to do business with you.

Wrap Up

If you keep these four tips in mind every day, you’ll notice whether or not your current habits and practices line up with them. Don’t be afraid to change to become better!



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