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Why Do Businesses at BVI?

WHY DO BUSINESSES AT BVI?Choosing a country or region to expand to might be tough. Many firms set up in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). As an ambitious entrepreneur, why do companies file in the British Virgin Islands? Let’s describe British Virgin Islands company registration advantages in this article, explaining why many opt to open company in BVI. This should assist your company decide whether to expand and register in the British Virgin Islands.

Let's start with a brief introduction to the British Virgin Islands. Caribbean British foreign territory BVI is east of Puerto Rico. The US and Spanish Virgin Islands make up the rest of the Virgin Islands archipelago. British Virgin Islanders enjoy full British citizenship since 2002 as British Overseas Territories citizens. BVI citizens are EU citizens even though the territory is not part of the EU and not directly subject to EU regulations.

How does this affect BVI businesses? Why do firms register in the BVI?  Starting a business in this distinct region has these perks.

Company Freedom

Corporate law in the British Virgin Islands attempts to maximize flexibility while upholding common law.  Businesses can follow any legal practice within this legal framework, and corporate benefit is unrestricted.  Such arrangements also make British Virgin Islands offshore company incorporation modern, versatile, and business-minded.  This business-centric approach improves productivity and legality in corporate transactions and daily operations. 

BVI companies also enjoy corporate efficiency.  BVI companies have unlimited corporate capacity and financial aid.  The corporate activity authorization process is quite efficient.  Directors can authorize most of the above business actions without shareholder approval.


British Virgin Islands businesses are exempt from income, corporation, capital gains, wealth, and other taxes.  By using a BVI company as a significant intermediary holding company, a firm's corporate holding structure can avoid taxation, decreasing costs.  This differs from conventional firms in other countries that pay taxes.

Business Minimums

Registration of a business company in BVI does not require document compliance or corporate requirements, saving firms time and money.  This means the corporation will retain cash flow and solvency while making asset appropriation to investors or share redemption straightforward, convenient, and direct.  Thus, BVI companies can financially support third parties seeking to secure their claims.

Incorporating in the British Virgin Islands also reduces capitalisation requirements.  BVI companies are exempt from "thin capitalisation" laws and other capital management obligations.  If the corporation can maintain cash flow and balance sheet soundness, asset distribution, notably dividends, and shareholder redemption will be easier.

Low startup and incorporation costs

Investors consider beginning money and cost when considering a company venture.  BVI firms are cheaper than offshore companies in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and most mid-shore islands/countries like Hong Kong and Singapore.  The average BVI firm is incorporated for US$1,400, including disbursements, but annual feed paid to the government is only US$450.  Thus, minimal costs make registering a corporation in the British Virgin Islands appealing, especially for investors trying to maximize earnings.

Corporate Maintenance

The British Virgin Islands does not require shareholders and directors to meet annually.  BVI corporations, officers, and owners have commercially progressive and non-onerous ongoing obligations.  Business commitments' lax regulations show their convenience.  The business can incorporate with one director and shareholder.  

No processes or limits apply, either.  There are no corporate secretary, residency, frequency, or location requirements for directors or shareholders, audited financial statements, or yearly reports.  This lowers BVI business costs.


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