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Figs on the Funcho Receives Prestigious LuxLife Hospitality Award

FIGS ON THE FUNCHO RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS LUXLIFE HOSPITALITY AWARDFigs on the Funcho is thrilled to announce that it has been honoured with the prestigious LuxLife Hospitality Award, recognizing it as the "Algarve's Most Idyllic RiversideRetreat of 2023."

This award highlights our unwavering commitment to providing our guests with an unforgettable holiday experience amid the stunning riverside scenery of the Algarve.

England and Wales — LuxLife Magazine, a premier publication within the luxury lifestyle and hospitality sector, has bestowed upon Figs on the Funcho the title of "Algarve's Most Idyllic Riverside Retreat of 2023." This recognition acknowledges our relentless dedication to creating a tranquil and exceptional retreat, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and serenity of Algarve's riverside.

Celebrating the Algarve's Landscape, Culture, and Traditions
At Figs on the Funcho, we take immense pride in intertwining our activities and experiences with the Algarve's abundant landscape, vibrant culture, and cherished traditions. A recent exploration focused on the historic Almancil Igreja de São Lourenço, a testament to the region's architectural legacy, beautifully captured by our artists through the expressive mediums of ink and mixed media. The engaging study of local bird and animal subjects during our art sessions aims to cultivate curiosity, foster appreciation, and evoke sensitivity toward the natural world. We firmly believe in the shared responsibility of environmental stewardship. Our commitment to preserving and celebrating the local environment shines through as we seamlessly integrate noteworthy structures, along with bird and animal subjects, into our art sessions.

Navigating the Dry Season with Grace
This year, the Algarve experienced an exceptionally dry season, leading to the temporary drying of the river that graces our retreat. However, the spirit of Figs on the Funcho remained unwavering. We continued to offer our guests an exceptional experience even during these challenging circumstances, proving that the allure of our retreat extends beyond the river's flow. The LuxLife Hospitality Award for Algarve's Most Idyllic Riverside Retreat 2023, presented despite the unique conditions, acknowledges our commitment to providing a tranquil and exceptional escape.

This recognition motivates us to continue delivering unparalleled experiences to all who seek peace and tranquillity when visiting Figs on the Funcho. We are dedicated to promoting the harmony of the countryside, nurturing appreciation for the Algarve's unique culture, and fostering a sense of responsibility toward the environment.

A Sincere Thank You to Our Past Guests for Being Part of our Story
"Receiving this prestigious award from LuxLife Magazine is an immense honor," expressed Cheryl Smith, Owner of Figs on the Funcho. "We would like to thank all our past guests for being part of our story and also to the guests who enthusiastically took part during the filming of “A New Life in the Sun” and the follow-up TV series “Where Are They Now.”

Message from LUXlife Magazine
Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper conveyed, "It has been a fantastic period for the hospitality industry as we rebound from a tumultuous time. I'm pleased to have collaborated with our winners, who truly represent excellence in the luxury industry. I wish them a prosperous future as they continue to provide outstanding service to their clients."

About Figs on the Funcho
Nestled in the heart of Portugal's beautiful Algarve, Figs on the Funcho is renowned for its enchanting riverside retreat. Our idyllic sanctuary harmoniously combines the splendour of nature with the embrace of comfort and exceptional service.

At Figs on the Funcho, we extend a warm invitation to our guests, encouraging them to embark on all-inclusive holidays carefully curated to offer a diverse array of experiences. From artistic pursuits and rejuvenating yoga sessions to leisurely scenic walks, and culinary delights, our retreat provides immersive encounters with the natural world. For a complete list of our upcoming experience holidays, please visit our dedicated page https://www.wetravel.com/users/figs-on-the-funcho.

What sets our experience apart is the artistry of our healthy vegetarian meals, prepared by Cheryl and Graham, who are ardent admirers of culinary maestros such as Ottolenghi, Ixta Belfrage, Sami Tamimi, and Jamie Oliver. Infusing our passion for the culinary arts, we take pride in using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, ensuring a delightful and sustainable dining experience for our guests.

Our tranquil riverside setting has become a sought-after destination for countryside weddings and special occasions. For those who hold a deep appreciation for nature and are in search of responsible travel destinations, Figs on the Funcho offers an inviting haven for unforgettable celebrations, allowing all to immerse themselves in the wonders of the great outdoors.

For retreat organisers and coaches with a dream of hosting creative, wellness, or business retreats, Figs on the Funcho may be the perfect location you've been seeking. Our serene environment and array of activities make it an ideal setting for crafting unique and memorable retreat experiences.

To explore traveller reviews and gain further insights into Figs on the Funcho, please visit our website at https://figsonthefuncho.com. Additionally, you can learn more about us on our "About" page at https://figsonthefuncho.com/about.

About LuxLife Hospitality Awards

The LuxLife Hospitality Awards are presented by LuxLife Magazine, a leading publication in the luxury lifestyle and hospitality sector. These awards celebrate and acknowledge extraordinary destinations.

Contact Figs on the Funcho:

T: +44 7976660526 | +351912 595 539
Painting Holidays: https://figsonthefuncho.com/art-painting-holiday-europe


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