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Should You Be Using A Physician Recruiter – And Why?

SHOULD YOU BE USING A PHYSICIAN RECRUITER – AND WHY?The US healthcare landscape is complex. While it remains one of the biggest industries in the world – estimated to be worth as much as $810 billion in 2022 – a massive shortfall in staff has left the industry in a critical state, with hospitals having to close down operating rooms, as well as delaying elective and developing services.

While a lot of people point to staff shortages being caused by a lack of qualified physicians, doctors, nurses, and other professions implicit in healthcare operations, the problem is a lot more nuanced than that.

Recruitment In Healthcare

The recruitment process itself is an arduous process. The hiring landscape has changed since twenty years ago, and the increasing competitiveness for top talent has made it a time-consuming and financially straining operation for healthcare organisations across the country.

But there is an answer to the current issues. With the role of physicians, specifically, being in high demand – more than 83 million US citizens live in areas where primary care physicians are scarce – healthcare recruiters are being used more and more by firms.

Utilizing expert healthcare recruiting services is not only a smart business decision, but it can also help hospitals and other healthcare organizations provide quality care to their patients. Whether you are a physician seeking job opportunities, or an employer looking to fill a position, working with a physician recruiter can be highly beneficial.

Existing to find clinical staff for hospitals, practices, and networks, these recruiters specialise in supporting healthcare and physician organisations, providing an expansive network and expertise to streamline the process and get the industry back on its feet – visit http://mascmedical.com for an example.

The Importance Of Physician Recruiters In 2023

According to a study undertaken in 2018, as many as 51.6% of healthcare organisations said that they struggled to find the right talent in a reasonable amount of time. To understand why this is the case, it’s important to look at the numerous other challenges the healthcare industry is facing.

If you’re running a healthcare firm, for instance, you’re having to cope with the inability to standardise quality, working with advanced medicine and tech, costs across the board, patient safety, as well as the optimisation of clinical workflows. Add to this that the personnel who have to tackle these challenges are, obviously, limited. Because they’re limited, workflows are unsustainable, which leads to employee burnout and, subsequently, increased shortages.

Carrying out a recruitment process to hire more physicians – which is already competitive – is tough, especially when searching for top talent amongst the weight of these pressures. A physician recruiter, however, can take on the pressures of recruitment, and ensure that top talent is driven to your door. This is done, primarily, through extensive healthcare industry knowledge.

The Benefits Of Physician Recruiters

Being mainstays in the recruitment arena, physician recruiters will have crucial knowledge and objective data that you and your peers may easily overlook – or not have access to in the first place. This brings them closer to finding applicants with key skills that are directly relevant to your business.

They can also maintain momentum in a way you can’t. As mentioned before, recruitment is a time-consuming process, and this fact alone damages the chances of hiring, as it’s easy for communications to close and for both parties to drift apart as other challenges take precedence. Physician recruiters can keep the lines open throughout the recruitment process, repeatedly following up and ensuring both parties remain connected.

Their network will also be vast, with an in-depth screening process to deliver the best candidates for the specific position. Considering the finances that go into sifting through existing, smaller,  networks and subsequently screening the best candidates, this saves a lot of money for healthcare organisations in the long run – remember, the cost of finding and hiring a new staff member is double the salary during their first year of employment.

This would then free your healthcare organisation to focus on present challenges and existing staff members, while also ensuring that the right candidates are being introduced.

The Solution For Your Organisation?

Staff shortage is not only the most pressing problem for US healthcare organisations but for the healthcare industry around the world. Ensuring adequate staffing will only become more complex over the next decade.

With the tiering of healthcare, new AI technologies, and growing numbers of elderly and uninsured citizens starting to affect the industry, it’s more important than ever to perfect and streamline the process of recruitment. It is these recruits that will rejuvenate organisations and ensure those challenges are faced adequately and with weight in the industry’s favour.

If you’re looking to hire, it is at least worth researching what these practices have to offer, and communicating any questions you have about the process. As things stand right now, healthcare recruiters are not only beneficial, they might be necessary for your company to thrive in the future.


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