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Twenty businessmen and experts taste wines in the Algarve

TWENTY BUSINESSMEN AND EXPERTS TASTE WINES IN THE ALGARVEOn December 2nd, 20 international businesspeople and experts tasted an unusual dish, Ris à Jack, and six wines from Ribafreixo, Alentejo. They had previously been guided by Jack Soifer to the megalithic monuments of Alcalar.

20 international businesspeople and experts tasted an unusual dishIn the group there were a Brazilian, a Spanish, a German, an Italian, a Swiss, a Polish man, four Portuguese and many Nordics.

Among others, an international drug testing coordinator, the most renowned doctor-dentist in Portimão, a web-niche-marketing entrepreneur, a sustainable marine construction entrepreneur, a global tourism consultant, former world President of Global Sustainable Tourism Council, a tourist guide only for Italian businesspeople, a Swiss man who doesn't want to say what he does.

Many have their second or third home in the Algarve, some their first. Others want to buy one.

Three came from Lisbon.

On a scale of 5, most of the wines were evaluated 4.1-4.3 by those connaisseurs, while the food and atmosphere were 4.4.

They exchanged many business cards and will visit Alentejo producers next time, at the beginning of March.



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