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Word of Mouth is a Marketing Strategy

Word of Mouth is a Marketing StrategyAsk any business how they get most of their customers and the majority will say by word of mouth.

Ask them if they have a strategy for this and they are very likely to look at you as if you as if you are an idiot. Why do people seem to leave word of mouth to chance ... no one seems to use word of mouth strategically?

Strategies Boost Profits

But think abut it. If you already get a lot of business via word of mouth, how much better could it be if you had a strategy beyond pure chance? The people I know that use a strategy get incredible results.

A friend of mine, Steve Gordon, from the States tells how using a referral, or word of mouth strategy, can bring in over 400 referrals a WEEK.

I've known Steve for several years and have no doubt he is telling the truth.

Implementing the Strategy

When I implemented his ideas my own referral rate went through the roof .. and I'd only followed a small amount of his advice.

Over the last few years I've gradually increased my referral strategies and now have a pretty good system that really works. Steve has now pulled all his ideas together into a new book he is publishing in a few weeks. In the meantime I'm going to give you a few tips to get you going.

Lesson one is to develop a strategy ....... Don't leave it chance.

Lesson two is to identify, or profile, the typical customer you want to be referred to you. Make this very concise as otherwise you'll find the strategy breaks down.

More ......

Keep an eye on this space for a series of in depth advice on how the strategy works.


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