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Just Do It .. Like a Millionaire

Just Do It .. Like a MillionaireJust Do It....Three simple words ...... that most people find so difficult to achieve.

In business some people seem to have all the luck. Everything they touch turns to gold and they become millionaires.


Most millionaires face failure every day. Lots of their new ideas fail. But they have a secret weapon most of us don't possess. They have a "Just do it" mentality.

People like Branson, Sugar, Gates and their friends understand the "Just do it" philosophy. When they get an idea they don't think about it for months and say "one day I'll do that".

They "Just do it".

Not rash
I don't mean they are rash and don't plan or execute their ideas carefully. They do.

But they don't hang about. They get on with it.

A lot of what they try fails. You rarely hear about the failures.

What succeeds hits the headlines .. and makes them fortunes.

What they do .. so can I
If these people can "Just do it" so can the rest of us. If our projects fail then, like these successful people, we can learn from them and move on to the next project. Soon we'll get a winner.

But does it work?
Yes! Definately, YES.

At the end of last August I decided to write a new book. The lead time in producing a book is often years. It has to be written, edited and proofed, marketed, printed and distributed. It is a huge undertaking.

So with the idea firmly in my head at the end of August I "Just did it".

By December the book was on Amazon as an ebook, and on January 1st it was launched. We'd run a series of pre-publication marketing campaigns, and so had a slew of pre-orders lined up and ready to go. People in over 50 countries pre-ordered.

Six and a half hours after launch we had a best seller on Amazon.co.uk. Seven hours after launch we had a bestseller on Amazon.com.

In the next hours the book also became a bestseller on six other Amazon sites.

Clearly it is impossible to maintain sales at the same level forever. However there is more than one market for books. We've now launched the book as a paperback. It weighs in with 450 pages at over 700g (1lb 7oz in old money!)

Not only is it a huge book; it has been a huge success. But it would never have been written, published and sold if it had not been for the "Just do it" philosophy.

What works for millionaires also works for people like you and me.

If you'd like to learn more about marketing, publishing or creating business growth, I'm running one to one sessions in Faro and a Lisbon in May.

Contact me for more information via StefanDrew.com .. "Just do it"

W: http://www.stefandrew.com/

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