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Innovation means Small Businesses can outcompete Multinationals

Questions and Answers made easy by PubbleSmall businesses no longer need a level playing field; the playing field is now sloped in their favour. A tie up between Eire based Pubble and Stefan Drew Associates means small businesses now have competitive advantage and outcompete their biggest business rivals. 

For years large businesses, with huge budgets, customer service centres and large IT teams have had the upper hand when it comes to answering customers questions. This has particularly been the situation where website visitors have been able to pose questions online via expensive software systems that have been integrated into company websites.

Eire based Pubble, working with Stefan Drew Associates who are based in Warwickshire, UK, have now launched a system that allows website visitors to post questions about products or services and receive accurate answers in moments; and without expensive call centres or ludicrously expensive software.

Stefan Drew commented, "The genius of this technology is that a website visitor can ask a question and that is automatically emailed to the business.  The business doesn't even need a call centre.  They can pick up the question on their mobile phone, tablet or similar device and just type an answer in return. The technology takes care of the complicated bits, and there is even a facility to allow the questions and answers to be seen on social media if selected. Better than that. If the business is busy then technology again comes to the rescue. The technology employs a knowledge bank that contains all previous questions and answers, and will offer one of these if it is appropriate. The knowledge bank is amazingly intelligent and provides the option to view a suitable answer, if the questioner isn't happy with it then their question still goes to a human."

Ross Good, Head of Business Development at Pubble commented, "The most important thing about this technology isn't that it works extremely well; the most important thing for small businesses is that it works extremely well, and is free for small businesses.  We aren't charging anything for the basic set up.  As it stands this is suitable for the majority of small businesses in the Portugal.

He continued, "Larger businesses, that employ teams of people taking calls and website enquiries, may prefer to pay for the upgraded system as it allows more than one person to reply to queries. Small businesses don't need this, and therefore don't need to pay.

Pubble software is available via www.pubble.co  or as a plugin in WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr & Drupal.


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