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All Saints Anglican Church Algarve sponsor Rafael for a summer of fun and learning

ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN CHURCH ALGARVE SPONSOR RAFAEL FOR A SUMMER OF FUN AND LEARNINLast Sunday, in brilliant sunshine, All Saints Anglican Church Algarve were delighted to welcome Rafael and his mother Ana to their service at The Church in the Park in the Jardim das Comunidades, Almancil.

Rafael and Ana had come to say thank you to the Congregation for their sponsorship of Rafael this summer at the APATRIS summer school in the Central Algarve area which has been carefully planned to provide care for children with special needs. Rafael needs constant Adult supervision and care and the Summer School will provide this and much, much more.

For 9 weeks during the school holidays Rafael will be participating in a whole range of exciting activities Monday to Friday. The program includes Swimming, trips to the beach, sports and traditional games, all adapted to meet specialist needs, as well as visits to museums and cultural places of interest, All of this under qualified and trained supervision.

As a very special gift the Congregation had bought Rafael a pair of bright red swimming shorts (the colour of his team - Benfica), a beach towel, sun protection and a stylish bag to keep all his things together every day.
Speaking on behalf of the Congregation Jane Caulfield-Kerney said “When we heard that this young man needed specialist care and stimulation during his school holidays, and that care was available right on his doorstep we were delighted to be able to step in and help. We look forward to hearing of all the wonderful adventures he is going to have over the Summer, and Ana can be confident that he will be well looked after by trained staff.”

For details about services, times and directions to The Church in the Park , All Saints Anglican Church Algarve, Almancil please contact us.

Website : www.allsaintsalgarve.church
Facebook : www.facebook.com/allsaintsalgarve/
Telephone number : (+351) 932 841 943
Email : secretary@allsaintsalgarve.church

About All Saints Anglican Church Algarve

We are an Anglican Church (part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion) providing contemporary and relevant worship with strong Biblical teaching for the 21st Century.
Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds and nationalities who wish to join us on our faith journey of following Jesus Christ.
For more information, please contact secretary@allsaintsalgarve.church

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