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Business travellers spend record amount in the UK

londonPeople travelling to the UK on business spent more than £5bn last year, an increase of 11% in 2012.

At the same time, British businesspeople spent £4.7bn in 2013, a drop of 3%, although the amount of money spent in China and India went up.

Visitors from the US, Germany and France were shown to have spent the most money in the UK. Together, these businesspeople spent £1.51bn in 2013, according to ONS analysis.

Business travellers to Britain from Asia are growing in number and expenditure, particularly those from China and India.

Britain’s Home Office recently announced that it would ease some of the restrictions on visas for Chinese visitors. Prime Minister Cameron has said the government is aiming for a China “growth partnership” which will make trading easier between the two countries.

The top five countries with the fastest-growing spend in the UK are Estonia, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain and Greece.

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