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We are Jason and Sylvia and are in our 50s and 60s seeking a place to park and stay in our 7m long motorhome?
We are very respectful, polite, quiet (even the chewawa dog) and tidy.
We travel to the Algarve by motorhome with our small chewawa dog Toby 3-4 times a year and stay for several months at a time. We are seeking a plot of land, a corner of a garden or a driveway etc where we can park our motorhome and stay in the Algarve. Additionally we have a 5m trailer which carries our small car so would require parking for these also.....or maybe we can find other arrangements for storing the trailer elsewhere.

We do not require electricity or water as the motorhome is configured for off grid living.

We have previously been renting a villa in Carvoeiro on a three year let but due to health issues the landlady had to sell. She can provide a reference if required.

Our budget is approx 250 Euros per month.

Any area West of Faro considered

J speaks basic Portuguese as lived in Portugal as a child in the 1980s

Thank you


Jason Gavin
Email: info@diving-services.co.uk
Seeking Small Plot For Motorhome